“The Glass Menagerie” by Tennessee Williams Sample Essay

“The Glass Menagerie” by Tennessee Williams is a drama.

which efficaciously illustrates a character. Tom who struggles with his rules. The Glass Menagerie is one of Tennessee Williams most celebrated piece of work. Frequently referred to as a ‘memory play’ .

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both the manner and content of The Glass Menagerie are shaped and inspired by the memory of the play’s storyteller. Tom Wingfield. The Glass Menagerie trades with a strong mix of emotions.

including unhappiness. solitariness. choler and pride. This is particularly true for the character of Tom. Williams uses many different ways of portraying Tom’s feelings.

Harmonizing to Tom. due to the play’s origins in memory. ‘it is sentimental. it is non realistic’ and may be presented with unusual freedom from convention.Therefore. the drama is capable to legion distinctive features. such as dim lighting.

frequent usage of music and symbolism. Most fictional plants are merchandises of the imaginativeness. which effort to convert the audience of its pragmatism. through realistic struggle. play and scene. The Glass Menagerie. nevertheless.

although drawn from memory. is non trying to get away its duty of covering with reality’ . but instead. is drawn from existent experience and does non necessitate to be constrained by the conventions of pragmatism to convey truth. The desperation of this character’s fortunes clearly illustrates the subject of imprisonment.

Williams makes it obvious that Tom is trapped from the expounding of the drama as Tom is both storyteller who escaped character and character in struggle. As storyteller it is apparent Tom’s state of affairs was complicated. “I give truth in the pleasant camouflage of illusion”This shows that he doesn’t like to believe the world. He would instead merely go forth everything buttocks and acquire off far as possible from the Wingfield flat. Williams besides creates tenseness when Amanda focuses her attending on her so she knows that Tom is unhappy.

but alternatively of assisting him she decides to “turn a unsighted eye” and act as though he is traveling through a stage. But deep down she is panicky that he is turning into his male parent. “I see you taking after his ways! ”She besides makes him assure that he will ne’er turn out to be an alcoholic.

This puts Tom under tremendous outlook. Both Amanda and Laura know that he could easy go forth them in the same mannerHarmonizing to Tom. The Glass Menagerie is a memory play—both its manner and its content are shaped and inspired by memory. As Tom himself states clearly.

the play’s deficiency of pragmatism. its high play. its grandiloquent and too-perfect symbolism. and even its frequent usage of music are all due to its beginnings in memory.

Most fictional plants are merchandises of the imaginativeness that must convert their audience that they are something else by being realistic. A drama drawn from memory. nevertheless. is a merchandise of existent experience and hence does non necessitate to drape itself in the conventions of pragmatism in order to look existent. The Godhead can dissemble his or her true narrative in limitless beds of melodrama and improbable metaphor while still staying confident of its substance and world.

Tom—and Tennessee Williams—take full advantage of this privilege. The narrative that the drama tells is told because of the inflexible clasp it has on the narrator’s memory. Therefore.

the fact that the drama exists at all is a testament to the power that memory can exercise on people’s lives and consciousness. Indeed. Williams writes in the Production Notes that “nostalgia. . . is the first status of the drama.

” The storyteller. Tom. is non the lone character haunted by his memories. Amanda excessively lives in changeless chase of her water under the bridge young person. and old records from her childhood are about as of import to Laura as her glass animate beings.

For these characters. memory is a disabling force that prevents them from happening felicity in the present or the offerings of the hereafter. But it is besides the critical force for Tom. motivating him to the act of creative activity that culminates in the accomplishment of the drama.

Why is The Glass Menagerie a memory drama? The Glass Menagerie is a memory drama – both its manner become an independent and separate person. and its contents are shaped and inspired by memory. Tom. The drama is besides a memory of Laura’s babyhood. She is who is the storyteller and besides a character in the drama. like a small miss life in her ain universe of dreams and provinces clearly that the drama “is sentimental. it is non semblances.

The glass menagerie. to which she is wholly realistic” . As he implies in the get downing the truth devoted. bases for this childish universe. She is timid appears in the pleasant camouflage of semblance. All the and immature. she refuses to travel to school and doesn’t characters live in the yesteryear.

they “turn back time” . In take duty.Merely playing and walking about do isolation from the outside universe they are someway set her happy.

Bing in love with a image and holding apart from world. Existing in their memories they are immature attitude towards work forces. she doesn’t want to go seeking to get away from the duty of covering with a adult female. the present. Another memory is of the male parent. who had left the The female parent.

Amanda. is haunted by the memory of her household to go long distances. On history of this there young person.

She was an highly popular and pretty immature ladyis no strong male presence in the drama. Merely his but she lost her opportunities. Now she refuses to understand exposure stays over the mantle to remind them of the life and world. She doesn’t accept the fact that she ispast. Thereby. love in the drama becomes besides a memory – already old and repeats the same narrative to her kids the lost love of Amanda and the kids for the male parent. over and over once more.

seeking to protect them. Laura’s failed love.Another thing that gives the feeling that Amanda In a drama created by memory and nostalgia. the lives in the yesteryear is the manner she treats Tom and Laura. characters don’t unrecorded.

they merely watch life travel by. Thus For her they are still little kids and she ignores thethey can non be witting human existences. For Tom. Amanda fact that they have grown up. She doesn’t allow them confront and Laura memory is the stultifying force that prevents world like grownups. With this denial of the truth she them from happening felicity in the present.

prevents Tom from going a adult male. Furthermore. she hopes to animate the glamor of her ain young person through her girl. but it is impossible.

She doesn’t even accept the fact that Laura is crippled.


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