?The Glass Menagerie Essay

“Choose a drama in which a cardinal character behaves in an obsessional mode. Describe the nature of the character’s obsessional behavior and discourse the influence this behavior has on your apprehension of the character in the drama as a whole.”“The Glass Menagerie” is a drama written by Tennessee Williams. The drama is semi-autobiographical, told from the point of position of the author. It is a memory drama set in the place the Wingfield household.

The drama is about a immature adult male, Tom, who lives with his female parent, Amanda and his sister, Laura. The drama explores the assorted battles of each person during the great depression. The characters all have their defects and motivations which help us to understand them and sympathize or hold with them. All the characters in the drama behave in some kind of obsessional mode ; nevertheless, Amanda behaves most strongly this manner.Amanda Wingfield is one of the chief characters and plays a great function in the readers apprehension of the drama as a whole. She behaves in a really obsessional mode throughout the drama and this creates struggle between the other characters. In Scene one, we are introduced to Amanda’s obsessional and commanding behavior. As Tom eats at the dinner tabular array, Amanda continuously pesters him, stating him how to eat his nutrient.

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“Don’t push with your fingers. If you have to force something, the thing to force with is the crust of bread…So chew your nutrient and give your salivary secretory organs a opportunity to map! ” Amanda dainties Tom like a kid which frustrates him. He is really short tempered and easy irritated by Amanda’s over commanding and obsessional personality. She besides obsesses over Toms bad wonts, proclaiming that ; “you smoke excessively much.” Amanda is invariably kicking about Tom and knocking him, this is due to her infatuation and changeless desire for flawlessness in all facets of her life.

She is similar this as she cares for them but does non gain that she is surrounding her kids.In Scene three, Amanda has a heated statement with Tom. This is instigated by Amanda’s act of throwing out Toms books. She exclaims that she “took that atrocious novel back to the library.” This cholers Tom and he vents all his defeat on her controlling nature and the sense of entrapment as a effect of this. Amanda is besides really commanding over Toms actions as she gets leery of what he gets up to at dark. This emphasises the deficiency of freedom that Tom feels due to her behavior and it creates tenseness and statements between them. Tom feels the demand to get away but Amanda is obsessed with the fact responsibility and duty comes foremost.

Amanda is worried about her kids and feels that it is her duty to supervise their actions at all times, nevertheless she fails to gain the consequence this has on them.Amanda besides obsesses over Laura in Scene three ; “Laura began to play a more and more of import portion in Mother’s computations. It became an obsession… the image of the gentleman company haunted our little apartment.” She is preoccupied with happening Laura a gentleman company as she feels that this would be best for the household. Laura, being disabled, puts fiscal strain upon the household. If Amanda was able to secure a gentleman company for her, this would guarantee a better quality of life for her and the household.

Amanda invariably tells Laura to anticipate many gentlemen companies and decides to disregard her disablement. She tells Laura to “stay fresh and reasonably for gentleman callers.” Amanda’s insensitiveness in this affair crushes Laura’s assurance.In Scene six, on hearing the intelligence of the reaching of the possible gentleman, Amanda “has worked like a Turk in preparation.” This implies her compulsion with visual aspect and affecting Jim.

She deceives people into doing them think that they are a affluent household – despite the fact they are non rich. She attempts to do a permanent feeling on Jim in the hope that he may be their Jesus from poorness. Amanda is making this for the benefit of both herself and her household.Whilst seeking to procure a suer for Laura, Amanda frequently reminisces about her ain yesteryear. She is still populating in the yesteryear and speaks of it frequently – so frequently that Tom and Laura can already anticipate what is coming next.

“Tom: I know what’s coming.Laura: Yes. But allow her state it… She loves to state it.

” She frequently negotiations of her “seventeen gentlemen callers.” Amanda is self haunted and egotistic, connoting that she Judgess a woman’s worth by the sum of attending she receives – farther doing Laura to experience insecure about herself. Amanda is conceited and narcissistic and obsesses over her visual aspect. In Scene two she is described as have oning “cheap or imitation velvety-looking fabric coats with imitation pelt collar.

” She cares really much for her visual aspect and she takes pride in it.
Her apparels show that she is still populating in her ain yesteryear yet now is merely a bleached southern bell. Amanda is used to attending and in Scene seven, she makes certain to dress beautifully, despite the fact that it is supposed to be Laura’s dark. Amanda “wears a girlish frock of yellowed voile with a bluish silk sash… the fable of her young person is about revived.” The juncture of Jim the possible gentleman company, reminds her of her ain yesteryear, in which she had infinite gentleman companies.Not merely does Amanda Ob over her ain visual aspect but besides the visual aspect of her kids. Before Jim arrives, in Scene six ; “Amanda produces two pulverization whiffs which she wraps in hankies and materials in Laura’s bosom.

” This highlights the repeating subject of visual aspect versus world, which is apparent in many of Amanda’s actions. She is so captive in her actions, she I willing to deceive people in order to acquire what she feels she needs. She obsesses over many things in Scene seven, for illustration, she insists that Laura open the door to Jim and Tom and is insensitive to Laura’s anxiousnesss and insecurities. However Amanda is merely making this due to the fact that Jim acts as a beacon of hope for them all and she is eager for the eventide to be a success.In decision, Amanda is profoundly flawed throughout in respects to her obsessional and over controlling mode. Due to her behavior, she finally drives Tom off.

However, she merely means good in her actions. She is critical of her kids because she feels she knows what is best for them. Her obsessional nature influences the readers apprehension of her character in the drama as a whole. It helps the reader understand Amanda’s and her children’s battles, hopes and frights.


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