The Grand Canyon Sample Essay

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How many of you have heard of the Grand Canyon?

How many of you have gone to the Grand Canyon?

Goal Statement

Today I want you to believe about the Grand Canyon as a topographic point where you can take your following holiday. relax. explore and larn about Mother Nature. have fun and run into new friends.

At this clip you may non hold the money or the clip to travel at that place.

Hopefully someday you’ll have the chance to see this antic topographic point known as one of the seven natural admirations and you will ne’er experience the same about life after this fantastic experience.

Thesis Statement

-I will first explicate you about general and geologic information about the Grand Canyon.

-Second I will state you about the clime conditions of the Canyon.

-Third I will state you about costs of the circuit.

Passage Statement

a-The Grand Canyon is the most respectable geographical memorial in America. It receives more than 4 million visitants a twelvemonth.

b-When traveling to the Grand Canyon for the first clip you won’t believe that it’s existent.

c- It looks like a movie back bead. but much more breath pickings. It is so huge and so expansive that it’s an uplifting experience.

d- The Grand Canyon is an first-class topographic point to take the household. travel with friends. or even one individual.

e- It is an unforgettable experience and the beautiful image will remain in your head for a long clip.

The Grand Canyon

I- General and Geologic Information

a- Grand Canyon. exceptionally deep. steep-walled vale located in northwesterly Arizona.

b-The Canyon. is huge. averaging 4. 000 pess deep for its full 277 stat mis. It is 6. 000 pess deep at its deepest point and 15 stat mis at its widest. However. the significance of Grand Canyon is non limited to its geology.

c-The full canon is highly beautiful. incorporating looming buttes. table. and vales traversing over its chief gorge.

e- Partss of the northern rim of the canon are forested. Vegetation in the deepnesss of the vale consists chiefly of desert workss as century plants and Spanish bayonet.

f- In general the full canon country has small dirt.

g- In the full canon part. the stones have been broken by jointing and blaming. and fractures in the stones have contributed to the rapid eroding of the gorge.

h-The Grand Canyon offers an first-class record of three of the four epoch of geological clip. a rich and extended dodo records. stone types and caves incorporating important geological. archaeological and biological resources.

i- You may inquire yourself. how old is it? The Canyon itself is non that old. merely 5 or 6 million old ages.

-The stone beds exposed at the really underside of the Grand Canyon are about 2 billion old ages old.

-When to see the Canyon

a- Anytime of twelvemonth is a good clip to see the Canyon.

b-Each season has its ain particular wagess.

c-For backpacking and boosting the best clip of twelvemonth is early autumn and mid-spring.


****The clime of the tableland part above the canon is terrible. with extremes of both heat and cold.

a- summers on the south rim are warm and mild but summer in the interior canon is viciously hot with temperatures good over 110 grades.

b- Winter comes to the south rim by early December and you can anticipate snow anytime through March.

**It typically does non snow really much. merely a few inches ( 10 centimeter ) at a clip. and the snow normally gets a opportunity to run between storms.

III- Cost

a- This is non a truly expensive trip. monetary values range around $ 1500 to $ 2000 ( which by and large includes flight tickets. repasts. location. transit. ushers etc ) .

b- You can really pay less money if you provide yourself with the things you need. like: transit. repasts. kiping bags. etc.

c-You can besides pay for:

– One twenty-four hours mule Trip: $ 128 per individual.

– Air circuit ( chopper or plane ) . $ 150 dollars =2 hours.

-Water float trip through the Colorado River for $ 120= 12 hours.

-Rent cabins located along the canon for $ 70 per dark.

-You can see the Indian caves for $ 35=2 hours. and you’ll see the pictures and drawings of the ancient Native Americans.

– You can hold a circuit called the Grand Sunset Tour for $ 50=3 hours. You’ll go through the Kaibab Forest looking for different species of wildlife.

You’ll climb an 80 pes tower that views the painted sweet and the San Francisco Peaks. It concludes with sundown at the border of the Canyon.

you can besides see the Grand Canyon National Park. the Painted Desert. the Navajo Nation.

Passage Statement

The Grand Canyon is a enigma no 1 can mensurate.

It brings to bosom an apprehension of clip and life and people find inspiring reclamation when standing in its presence.


-The Grand Canyon is more than a great gorge formed over 1000000s of old ages through the stones of the Colorado Plateau.

– It is more than a pleasuring land for those who explore the roads. boost the trails. or drift the currents of the Colorado River.

– Its beauty and size low us.

– Its eternity provokes a comparing to our short being.

– The Grand Canyon is a gift from past coevalss and each of us should see it at least one time in our lives.


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