The Great Communicator Essay

Great CommunicatorWhen people think of a great communicator they often think only of famous people or ones who have made an impact in our society. When you look at the emergency services field people would think twice on picking them for a great communicator, but however when one is a Paramedic for three counties, a volunteer Firefighter for his town and was honorably discharged from the Navy that’s when you take a second glance.

The qualities that make up the mold of a great communicator is personality, intelligent and morals which I feel Shawne, my husband lives, breath and teaches by each and every day he gets in that ambulance. Shawne is a Paramedic that motivates his coworkers to do their best even when the stakes are against them with his charisma he makes them push on when sometimes they just want to give up. He is one of those types not just there for the paycheck, but there for his community and helping those in their emergency situations. People look up to him for help, guidance, support and leadership which he never lets them down.

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He is a role model for kids as he teaches them about safety, stop/drop/roll, 911, escape routes and how to stay calm when there is an emergency situation. Shawne has been awarded EMS Provider of the year three years running and he always says “I am just doing my job, not to get awards but to protect, serve and help”.Shawne is always trying to look for new ways to improve the way they handle certain types of emergencies and he is an inspiration to all the new comers because he tells them to stay positive and leave the negative behind. When Shawne puts his mind and strategies to work on any sort of projects he will not stop until the work is done or he has come to a conclusion that it just will not work that way. He is well educated in the EMS field to the point he know instructs some of the EMS classes and has took over teaching CPR and First Aid to anyone from kids starting to babysit to adults wanting it for a sick love one. When you have experience in a high demanding job as the EMS field you have to be a great communicator so you can be able to dispatch calls and tell the doctors or whoever what is going on.

Shawne always says “word to the wise just because you are a Paramedic doesn’t mean you are a good one, you have to be able to use all your senses at one time and be in control of the situation at all times”. He works for Caroline, Dorchester and Queen Anne’s County and has never received a bad review, always gets letters from families thanking him for saving whomever he helped, but he just looks at it as his job.Setting specific morals for a stressful job in the emergency field can get you over the big humps. Shawne is honest and up front not only with his co-workers but when he is on the scene he doesn’t sugar coat anything. Some might say that it is harsh, but he says he would rather someone tell him the truth about his love ones then tell him a lie. When he is called to the scene he is responsible for getting there in a reasonable amount of time, rendering care whatever is needed and he has to figure that out, get the person where they need to go, and letting their family members know what’s going on. That’s a lot to push onto one person so in his field he does have a partner, but he can only help with so much.

Shawne is one determined individual who makes sure his patient that he is caring for at the time is his number one priority and he would want the same consideration shown to him or one of his family members.In conclusion, when people look for a great communicator all they need to do is look close to home for one could be living right in the same house that you’re in. Just because someone asks you to write a paper about one doesn’t mean they have to be famous. When we think of a great communicator though we need to remember to think with all of our senses too not just think someone who speaks good. If we don’t hear what they are saying then how on earth are we going to know what they are saying? Shawne is a great communicator, but not because of his profession, but those with strong core values usually turn out to be great communicators too.


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