About novel The Great Gatsby Essay

F. Scott Fitzgerald one time stated that the trial of a first rate intelligence was the ability to keep two opposed thoughts in the head at the same clip. and still retain the ability to map.

This intelligence he describes is characterized by the rule of “double vision. ” An apprehension of this is indispensable to the apprehension of Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby. “Double vision” denotes two ways of seeing ; it suggests two things in resistance. The foundation of dual vision is mutual opposition.

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the scene of extremes against one another. which consequences in dramatic tenseness. For illustration. Fitzgerald utilizes a dual vision motive with money to exemplify how it can be positive and constructive. but at the same clip it can be really negative and destructive. In the undermentioned essay. I will exemplify the thought of dual vision. in three of the chief characters: Jay Gatsby.

Tom Buchanan. and Daisy Buchanan. Towards this terminal. I will demo how Fitzgerald uses this artistic devise in his word picture of each of these supporters by holding positive ( i.

e. glamourous. romantic. and exciting ) facets of their character juxtaposed with negative ( i. e. petroleum. corrupt and gross outing ) aspects of personalities.

Jay Gatsby. the chief supporter. has about everything a individual can woolgather for. He lives in a immense ornate sign of the zodiac ; he owns a Rolls Royce and a Hydroplane.

He wears usage made vesture from Europe made out of 100 % silk. He has retainers. nurserymans. and chauffeurs to transport out his every caprice.

Last. but likely the most excessive of all. he often hosts tremendously munificent parties for his 100s of invitees. To go to one of Gatsby’s parties is to be accepted into the jet set. Gatsby’s generousness is legendary as he will supply anything the party departers need.

For illustration. his guest Lucille provinces: “When I was here last I tore my gown on a chair. and he asked me my name and address- interior of a hebdomad I got a bundle from Croirier’s with a new flushing gown indoors it” ( page 45 ) .

Gatsby is besides depicted as a heroic and loyal person. a true gentleman. He illustrates this degree of self forfeit by presuming the incrimination of Myrtle’s fatal accident thereby protecting the true perpetrator. Daisy. the love of his life.Gatsby’s tragic mistake was that he was obsessed with Daisy and this prevented him from seeing her objectively ( i.

e. he was excessively loyal and lovingto detect any defect or deficiency in Daisy’s personality or her actions ) . Gatsby while. fantastically affluent and considerate. appears to care small about the agencies by which he amassed his luck. His exclusive end was to win Daisy over and that she should reciprocate his love and in his attempts to accomplish this terminal.

Gatsby lost sight of all ethical motives. He associates with known felons. such as Meyer Wolfsheim. and his childhood wise man. Dan Cody appears to be involved with bootlegging. trading in stolen securities.

and is rumored to hold killed a adult male. Gatsby besides plots to win Daisy back – wholly ignoring that she is now person else’s married woman and female parent and that his selfish. extramarital intercessions will interrupt a household unit.
Merely three persons: Nick.

Gatsby’s male parent and the adult male with the owl-eyed spectacless. go to Gatsby’s funeral – perceptibly absent were his ‘friends’ : Mr. Wolfsheim. Klipspringer ( who boards in his place ) and all the 100s of people who came to his parties. Gatsby didn’t have any true friends. He simply used people in order to acquire closer to acquire to Daisy. He was seduced by the enticement of money and celebrity. as the agencies to court Daisy back.

He even lies to Nick about himself and his household in order to enlist Nick’s support for his expansive pursuit ( Daisy ) . He prefers the delusory semblances he concocts to the rough world of the compulsion he allows to pervert his life. Fitzgerald presents Jay Gatsby as a adult male who denies world. “Can’t repeat the yesteryear? Why of class you can! ” ( page 106 ) .Tom acts like a adult male of high category and good gustatory sensation.

He makes excessive purchases such as a clump of polo ponies or a $ 350. 000 twine of pearls for Daisy. Tom is highly grandiloquent: he married the miss that everyone wanted and on that juncture. he came from Chicago “with a 100 people in four private autos and hired a whole floor of the Seelach Hotel” . Tom values expensive things that are both beautiful and tasteful. Tom besides values cognition.

and considers himself to be an rational.Tom is a cold-hearted. blue bully. For illustration. when Nick visits Tom’s house the first clip. Tom literally pushes Nick around.

Tom demonstrates his egocentricity when he was demoing off his ownerships to Nick: “I’ve got a nice topographic point here. It belonged to the Demaine man” ( page 13 ) . Tom’s wealth gets to his caput and makes him believe he is superior to other people. He’s racialist and his end in life is to maintain the lower category from lifting. Tom thinks that hapless people are inferior to him and he is rather a prig.

Sometimes he is nil more than a bully and other times he can be downright cruel. When he talks to George Wilson. his mistress’ hubby.

about selling his auto to him – he is merely playing with the adult male. since he ne’er really intends to make so. Tom becomes angry when Wilson tries to speak to him about it: “Very good so. I won’t sell you the auto at all…I’m under no duty to you at all…and as for your trouble oneselfing me about it at tiffin clip. I won’t stand that at all! ” ( page 111 ) .Tom was being highly cruel at that minute because Wilson needed the money that would come from the auto. but Tom didn’t attention.

There are times when Tom loses his pique when people don’t obey him. For illustration. when Myrtle Wilson started shouting Daisy’s name. Tom punched her in the face. and broke her nose. Morality is one of the values that Tom preaches. but doesn’t pattern. He condemns the matter between Daisy and Gatsby – while he goes and darnels on his ain married woman! ! Tom is the ultimate dissembler: he condemns his wife’s matter but has no scruple about his ain unfaithfulness.

He even admits. “Once in a piece I go away on a fling and do a sap out of myself. but I have ever come back. and in my bosom I love her all the time” ( page 125 ) . Tom’s values are shallow and in his ain opportunism.

Daisy has the aura of appeal. wealth. edification. grace. and nobility. Daisy is the perfect. beautiful. good-natured miss any cat could wish for.

She has a manner of pulling people ; to maintain them in a kind of hint with her pure and capturing sweet voice. As Nick points out: “I’ve heard it said that Daisy’s mutter was merely to do people thin toward her ; an irrelevant unfavorable judgment that made it no less charming” ( page 14 ) . Daisy was good liked and really popular among the military officers stationed near her place. including Jay Gatsby.But the “real” Daisy. cared merely for position. glamor.

pleasance seeking and mercenary objects. She betrays Gatsby by non waiting for his return from the ground forces. as promised ; and alternatively. marries Tom Buchanan for his money. Nick characterizes her as “a careless individual who smashes things up and so withdraw behind her money and lets other people clean up the muss they had made…” ( page 170 ) . She is apathetic even to her ain girl ; she ne’er discusses her and handle her as an reconsideration.

Sing her girl Pammy. Daisy says: “…and I hope she’ll be a fool- that’s the best thing a miss can be in this universe. a beautiful small sap. ” ( page 22 ) . This statement shows portion of her corruptness because she is stating that it is better to be careless and beautiful alternatively of worrying about existent things. She besides cheats on her hubby with Gatsby! She surely doesn’t protest Gatsby taking the incrimination for killing Myrtle at all ; in fact. the reader is left to inquire if she genuinely appreciates the forfeit made on her behalf by Gatsby. At the very terminal of the book.

Daisy flees the state of affairs with Tom and doesn’t even attend Gatsby’s funeral which is thankless and non really considerate at all.Fitzgerald creates each of his three chief characters: Gatsby. Tom. and Daisy with a dual faceted personality.

On the one manus. they are glamourous. romantic. and exciting. but on the flip-side they are at the same time rough. corrupt and disgusting. Fitzgerald is seeking to set into perspective how people have both an external.

good side and a deeper. dark side. Dichotomy is used really frequently to depict a person’s personal appeal and personality. Fitzgerald uses this ‘double vision’ motive throughout the book. He forces extremes to collide with. and collide against.

each other ; therefore making flood tides in dramatic tenseness. Equally good as. a modern. tragic novel that is genuinely a clever.

captivating and authoritative piece of literature.


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