The Great Gatsby Essay

F. Scott Fitzgerald. in his authoritative novel The Great Gatsby. illustrates the American category system in three different classs: the “old” rich. the “new” rich. and the “not” rich. He shows how each category tries to make the American dream and struggles to stay secure in the life inside America. Fitzgerald depicts the lone category that survives is the “old” rich.

In the first topographic point. come oning throughout Fitzgerald’s novel. he derives that Tom Buchanan is inside the category system of “old” rich. because “His household were tremendously affluent – even in college his freedom with money was a affair for reproach – but now he’d left Chicago an semen E in a manner that instead took your breath away” ( Fitzgerald 6 ) . Tom and Daisy both shared the “old” rich life style. Their house together was “more elaborate” and described as. “a cheerful red-and-white Georgian colonial sign of the zodiac. overlooking the bay” ( 6 ) .

Tom Buchanan was born into the “old” rich category system. With the privilege of holding that life style. he will ever hold money to pass. He does non hold to work for his wage. and will ne’er lose it. Tom has the ability to populate firmly. and utilize his heritance to run off or conceal from his jobs. Fitzgerald uses Tom’s character to show the utility of obtaining money from one’s household wealth. In presenting Tom. Fitzgerald reveals the importance of wealth in the 1920’s by conveying to his readers that money can purchase people out of difficult times and can be the solution to variable bad lucks.

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Similarly. Fitzgerald sets forth the image of “not” rich by making George and Myrtle Wilson. George and Myrtle are “not” rich because they live in “the Valley of Ashes” ( 23 ) . George Wilson is the proprietor of a battered auto fix store. and is described as a “spiritless man” ( 25 ) . Tom and Nick journeyed to the store because Tom wanted to see Myrtle. The garage was kind of ‘trashy’ and described by Tom. a “terrible place” ( 25 ) . The Wilsons are “not” rich because they have no other agencies of conveying in money except from George’s garage.

His store produces an mean sum of income. where back in the 1920’s was considered “not” rich. By the relationships formed throughout the novel. Fitzgerald expresses that being in different categories does non uphold and troublesome dealingss. and that people can still be together. Fitzgerald shows this when he sets up Tom and Myrtle’s matter. The “not” rich. harmonizing to Fitzgerald. ne’er survives the American Dream. Finally. Jay Gatsby. originally known as James Gatz. is of the societal category “new” rich.

Jay Gatsby has non ever been rich. As a kid. he was “not” rich and he strived to gain more money as he grew with age. Peoples he associated with. who attend his parties. depict him as a “bootlegger” ( 61 ) . A immature lady said “one clip he killed a adult male who had found out that he was nephew to Von Hindenburg and 2nd cousin to the devil” ( 25 ) . With his money. he threw legion parties. He had orchestras. caterers. visible radiations. everything extravagant and epicurean. Gatsby becomes really affluent throughout his life. but it is unknown how.

Even though Gatsby held epicurean parties. he was ne’er good liked and ne’er received Daisy’s attending. The wealth in Gatsby’s life ne’er made him a happier individual and ne’er genuinely satisfied him. Fitzgerald used Gatsby to typify the “new” rich. The “new” rich is difficult to last in due to overpowering sums of irregular income wealth. It takes a batch of clip and attempt to keep that money because it comes untraditionally ; the money is besides unsecure and is non backed by any type of insurance. Gatsby did non stop up lasting in the “new” rich life style.

He eventually realizes that ‘money doesn’t purchase happiness’ . Fitzgerald uses his characters Tom. the Wilsons. and Gatsby in his novel The Great Gatsby to exemplify a elaborate image of the American category system. He portrays that the lone manner to last the American dream is to hold secure wealth endorsing up one’s life. Even working for one’s net incomes. And going rich does non vouch endurance. allow entirely the people who don’t go rich at all. Fitzgerald’s point-of-view concludes that there is on one manner to stay in existence… to be born rich.


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