The Great Gatsby Sample Essay

‘The Great Gatsby’ by F. Scott Fitzgerald opens efficaciously and prepares the reader for the remainder of the novel. Fitzgerald does this by utilizing techniques such as symbolism and scene.

The symbolism in the first few chapters of the novel is really of import as it prepares the reader for the remainder of the novel. A good illustration of this is in the first chapter when Daisy. Tom and Nick go into Daisy’s garden. ” ‘Why tapers? ’ objected Daisy. She snapped them out with her fingers. ” This is of import as light represents Gatsby’s hope. which Daisy is snarling out. This besides shows how Gatsby is associated with visible radiation and Daisy is associated with the absence of visible radiation. which is of import in the remainder of the novel. The snarling out of the tapers is boding what will go on. Gatsby is besides seen on the wharf. “He stretched out his arms… a individual green visible radiation. ” This signifies Gatsby making out to Daisy. The green visible radiation is the symbol of Gatsby’s hope for Daisy.

As the visible radiation is unreal. it shows that Gatsby’s hope is false. The importance of the symbol of visible radiation is first shown in the gap of the book. “In his blue gardens work forces and misss came and went like moths. ” This simile subtly introduces the symbols importance. Gatsby throws all his munificent parties in the hope that Gatsby will go to. He hopes she will see the visible radiations. “Several 100 pess of visible radiations to do a Christmas tree of Gatsby’s tremendous garden. ” The importance of visible radiation is shown in the gap of the novel. Fitzgerald subtly introduces symbols at the beginning of the book in order to fix for the remainder of the novel. as the symbol of visible radiation is highly important.

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The scene in the novel is peculiarly of import in the gap. The scene helps to separate the characters as Nick and Gatsby are both from the West and have traditional ethical motives and values. Both Nick and Gatsby have hope. whereas Tom and Daisy have no hope and they are from the East. This provides a contrast between the characters. which becomes of import towards the terminal of the novel. The first two chapters are contrasting ; the first chapter is light and the 2nd chapter is set in the barren. which is really gray and dark. “A certain bare country of land. ” Nick besides describes this country as “a vale of ashes” demoing the country is dead. contrasting to the animation of the first chapter. The most important thing about this chapter is the debut of the Dr T. J Eckleburg hoarding. The eyes on the hoarding are “blue and gigantic” which make them stand out. The eyes represent perceptual experience. which is a warning from Fitzgerald to look out for how characters are perceived. This is an of import factor throughout the book. and reminds the reader that things may non ever be what they seem and besides suggesting that Gatsby may non be what he seems to be. This is important as Gatsby’s hope is bogus and refers to the chief subject of idealism.

The gap of the book is besides of import as it presents the subject of The American Dream. When Gatsby is introduced in the first chapter he is standing in his garden making out towards the green visible radiation at the terminal of Daisy’s dock. “He stretched out his weaponries toward the dark H2O in a funny way… I glanced seaward and distinguished nil except a individual green visible radiation. ” The green visible radiation symbolises Gatsby’s dream of run intoing Daisy once more. The gap is besides effectual because it introduces the subject of wealth and philistinism. Daisy is really mercenary. and her lone aspiration in life was to be rich. Now that she has fulfilled that dream. she has no thrust or aspiration. “The merely wholly stationary object in the room was an tremendous sofa on which two immature adult females were buoyed up. ” This clearly shows Daisy has no way in life and she is merely rich because she married Tom. She married for money. non love. This is effectual because this subject is changeless throughout the novel and is of import in the apprehension of Gatsby and Daisy’s characters.


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