The Great Gatspy Essay

Corey McCloud Cooley AP English 30 November 2012 Paradise Lost – Book 2 So he with difficulty and labour hard Mov’d on, with difficulty and labour hee; But hee once past, soon after when man fell, Strange alteration! Sin and Death amain Following his track, such was the will of Heav’n (Milton 1021-1025) As I read it, this section says that God damned Satan to Hell and then forced Sin and Death to follow him, though he had no memory of how they were created, to remind him of his evils.I really liked this part in general with Sin and Death because it’s the beginning of Milton shattering the reader’s illusion of liking Satan by showing how messed up he is. But from the Author of all ill could Spring So deep a malice, to confound the race Of mankind in one root, and Earth with Hell To mingle and involve, done all to spite The great Creatour? But thir spite still serves (Milton 381-385) This is the beginning of the devils’ and their minions’ great plan to get back at God.I like the angle it takes on why Satan opts to wage his war with God in the way he does, because it shows that even Satan is aware that his situation could be much worse. This adds another level to Satan as a character and gives him an intelligent level of passive aggression that shows he’s not just a hothead who is out to prove some overarching point. Sin intercedes to prevent battle between Satan and Death By John MartinThe image shows Satan front and center drawing back a spear preparing to strike the shadowy figure of death with Sin in the middle trying to stop the fighting.

This is probably the best of all the paintings we have that depict this scene because it focuses on the contrast color and shade wise between Satan and Death, though it does lack in showing the dogs up to Sin’s waist. Dante’s Divine Comedy – Cantos 32/XXXII If I had rhymes both rough and stridulous, As were appropriate to the dismal hole Down upon which thrust all the other rocks,I would press out the juice of my conception More fully; but because I have them not, Not without fear I bring myself to speak; Dante is saying that even he does not possess the power of words to express how horrible the situation was on the frozen lake. I thought this was interesting because he took a stab at explaining Hell to those who really can never truly fathom it so long as they are on Earth but he took caution to warn that nothing can do this lake justice, at least, nothing in his powerNot in another fashion Tydeus gnawed The temples of Menalippus in disdain, Than that one did the skull and the other things. “O thou, who showest by such bestial sign Thy hatred against him whom thou art eating, Tell me the wherefore,” said I, “with this compact, There’s a guy eating another guy’s head. As if he hadn’t fully warned the reader at the beginning of the passage that this was an odd situation he tells of a two men frozen in the ice being punished for sin with one who’s just decided to keep sinning and murder.This stuck out to me, if for nothing else, because of how off it is. Guy Eating a Head This is an eerily ghoulish, but realistic depiction of the grizzly gnawing being done on the frozen lake. The author effectively communicates the brutality and overall peculiarity of the situation created by Dante.

| Top 3 Websites 1. UTexas – It provides pictures along with a bit of background on each situation, it also is much better formatted than the Paradise Lost pictures website and really, all of them. 2.Everypoet – Nothing too flashy or impressive, but it does what it needs to with minimum hassle or inconvenience 3. Dartmouth/Paradiselost – Bad. Picture site wouldn’t let me save the image nor did it provide any background info on the artist or artwork.

(neither did UT’s) Felt weird using it and it wouldn’t let me copy their title for the painting so I had to go a roundabout way of doing that. Dartmouth site is awkwardly formatted on laptops with the thing at the bottom and it randomly crashes iPads.


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