The handbook of economic and financial measures Essay

The editors of this handbook seek to close an information gap theyperceive between increasing sophistication of economic and financialreporting on the one hand and the lack of commonly understooddefinitions of economic and financial concepts on the other. They askedprofessionals from Government agencies, academia, and the private sectorto define and explain 21 measures of economic and financial activity,from gross national product to consumer confidence and from monetaryaggregates to interest rates. Included in the volume are comprehensive discussions of”Unemployment and Associated Measures,” by Commissioner ofLabor Statistics Janet L. Norwood; “Measures of Recession andExpansion,” by Geoffrey H. Moore, a former Commissioner of LaborStatistics, now at Columbia University; and of “Measures ofInflation,” by Joel Popkin of Joel Popkin and Co., former assistantBLS commissioner in charge of price programs.

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