The Handsomest Drowned Man Sample Essay

Marquez’s narrative is representative of the genre of charming pragmatism. This type of work is really inventive and fun-loving. It can besides be meant as “pleasant realism” or a gag upon it.

proposing a new type of fiction–one where we can appreciate. learn. and grow. Basically. it is about a town that finds the organic structure of a dead adult male wash ashore. He is a alien to those parts. and being the people they were. the townspeople decide to look more into the individual.

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The work forces try to happen his town. while the adult females help to clean him up. They realize he is unlike person they have of all time seen–large. monolithic. and fine-looking. They create a fixed world around him. conceive ofing how their lives would hold been if he was alive and if he lived in their town.

Finally. they decide to allow travel of the organic structure. and they do so in an luxuriant mode.

Although the narrative “The Handsomest Drowned Man in the World. ” contains many illustrations of charming pragmatism. two illustrations of this genre come in the introductory paragraph and in the decision. With all the charming pragmatism in this narrative. many inquiries arise in the reader’s head about how things occur and why things happen in the narrative.First of all.

one illustration comes from the type of enunciation used. as seen in the introductory paragraph. In the paragraph Marquez uses his imaginativeness to speak about phantasy.

making world. Rather than merely stating the audience that a dead organic structure washed up ashore. he lets them research their originative senses. stating they “ [ idea ] it was an enemy ship. ” and so “they thought it was a giant.

” until eventually. they realized what the inanimate object was ( 180 ) . The debut to the whole narration is charming pragmatism because it “somehow manages to unite the truthful…with the charming effects we associate with myth. and folk tale” ( 180 ) . Besides. upon mentioning to kids. the caption of this narrative is “A Tale for Children.

” I believe that this is a type of charming pragmatism in itself because the narrative is more about how hope and belief grows among grownups and a town. non merely the kids. but it is interesting to believe that since the kids discovered the organic structure. the narrative is dedicated towards them. The reader has to go childlike to appreciate the narrative because they have to be able to look past the set prepossessions of life and world. The reader besides has to be able to conceive of and feign. This narrative is much like a fairy narrative – grownups and people without the ability to conceive of. can non see the artlessness.

love and compassion of the townsfolk or character because they have lost that sense. To appreciate the narrative suitably. the reader has to go childlike and set their egos in the townspeople’s places to see the symbol that Esteban became for them.Another illustration of charming pragmatism comes in the last and reasoning paragraph of the narrative.

In this scene. the townsfolk. who have grown to love the dead organic structure ( whom they have named Esteban ) . have decided to bury Esteban and give him the “most splendid funeral” an abandoned drowned adult male would hold. This state of affairs is really existent and life like. but as Marquez continues on. elements of the tall narrative and common people narrative come in.

He describes how there were “so many flowers and so many people that it was difficult to walk about” ( 1000 ) . He besides describes how the townspeople went to such extents as to taking a female parent and male parent. aunts and uncles. cousins and kinsmen- all for mourning the dead abandoned adult male. And. to travel on. Marquez adds that “the crewmans who heard the crying from a distance went off class and people heard of one who had himself tied to the mainmast. retrieving the antediluvian fables about sirens” ( 1000 ) .

These sorts of inside informations intensify a serious state of affairs. and add the component of fiction and thaumaturgy to the description.The drowned adult male became a fable and a individual to whom all loved and adored. conveying the community together.

Even though the name they gave him. Estaban. comes from the Spanish word for Stephen. the first Christ sufferer in history.

from this name the reader can see what an impact the drowned adult male has had and how much regard and fear the people hold for him. His reaching alterations their lives because they become less selfish and more compassionate. He brings them closer together as they all love and wail over the one same thing-him. And of all time since he is gone again- his recollections still remain because he is a epic figure to them.This narrative provoked many inquiries about understanding the narrative. The narrative brought my attending and made me desiring to read more on what was traveling to go on next. For me.

as a immature grownup reader. the chief thing that I questioned was how did the drowned adult male wash ashore if it was clear he had been far off and non near the small town? Another thing I didn’t understand is the manner the organic structure still integral? This didn’t seem realistic if he had been dead so long. Besides.

why was the town so funny and why didn’t they merely bury him? I besides questioned the manner the townsfolk handled the body- it didn’t seem possible. The manner the townspeople whole-heartedly made him a portion of their likes was besides something I thought was awkward. He was dead. Why would they make such a thing? Finally. if they were so in love over him and he was their hero- why did they have a funeral for him and throw him back in the sea alternatively of maintaining him?Marquez’s manner of authorship is typical to his infantile beliefs as he grew up: that shades lived in his house. This manifestation is represented in the charming pragmatism that he writes about.

His narrative contains specific illustrations. two being in the beginning and stoping paragraphs. “The Handsomest Drowned Man in the World. ” itself can besides be another illustration of charming pragmatism. An case of this is the thought of a town happening a dead organic structure at shore.

Peoples may clean the organic structure and so dispose of it one time once more. but non with the item or to the extent that the townsfolk in the narrative did with Esteban. Because of the extent the writer goes into. it made me oppugn many thoughts.

The narrative toys with a realistic thought. adding facts assorted with fiction. tall narrative.

and folklore. to make a new genre of literature–magic pragmatism.


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