The Harmful Effects of Marijuana have been exaggerated Sample Essay

Thousands of people die every twelvemonth from baccy and smoke related unwellnesss. and 100s of guiltless people die every twelvemonth in car accidents caused by rummy drivers. It’s even possible to decease from intoxicant toxic condition. but marijuana has ne’er been straight attributed to any deceases. Despite all this. public sentiment on marihuana is still based on myth and bias even though it remains comparatively harmless. The harmful effects of marihuanas have been exaggerated.

In the 1930’s the United States was flooded with studies that described marijuana as an highly unsafe drug that enabled people to carry through “great efforts of strength and endurance. during which no weariness is felt” . and proclaimed that “ [ Use of marihuana ] ends in the devastation of encephalon tissues and nervus centers” ( qtd. In Stroup 57 ) . Early myths such as these have been debunked over the past few decennaries. and one of the lone true negative effects of marihuana is short-run indolence. comparable to the well-known side consequence of devouring intoxicant: a katzenjammer.

The statement most normally brought into treatment on marihuana is the habit-forming belongingss ( or miss thereof ) which it possesses. Although marihuana may do “mild psychological dependence” . harmonizing to Richard Lowry in his essay. “Marijuana is Relatively Harmless” . it offers no long permanent physical dependence like that of nicotine ( 16 ) . Equally long as one does non self-medicate their anxiousnesss and depression with it the manner so many people do with intoxicant no dependance will be encountered. Most frequently if person becomes psychologically dependent on marihuanas they’re most likely to see merely a few old ages. at most. of moderate to heavy usage before slightly turning out of the drug and discontinuing usage wholly.

There is scientific grounds to back up the dependence theory of marihuana when guess and sentiment aren’t plenty. In 1991 a survey found that marihuana exhibited habit-forming belongingss less than or equal to caffeine in lab rats when compared with nicotine. intoxicant. diacetylmorphine. and cocaine ( Lowry 19 ) . Lots of people could state they’re addicted to caffeine. but it doesn’t affect a physical dependance on the drug. One could halt imbibing caffeinated drinks if they wanted to. but many don’t. because imbibing a Coke doesn’t damage your organic structure like a coffin nail does.

While marihuana is classified aboard difficult drugs like cocaine. diacetylmorphine. and LSD. it’s virtually impossible to o.d. on it. Cocaine and diacetylmorphine can kill in a few doses and it’s estimated that 100s of 1000s of people die from intoxicant and baccy related diseases. How harmful is marijuana when compared to these drugs? Of class inhaling fume of any sort can take to malignant neoplastic disease if it’s done sufficiency. but other than the carcinogens inhaled through smoke there is no other chemical found in marihuana that causes any other wellness jobs.

The claim that marihuana usage consequences in encephalon harm among other hideous wellness hazards. is false and such hyperboles have merely been perpetuated to discourage immature people from seeking the drug. No grounds has of all time been presented to fault marihuana for specific long-run wellness hazards. Even one of the most evident and terrible hazards the drug can hold. when person is behind the wheel of a auto while intoxicated. can be avoided if the drug is used with discretion by responsible people. similar to alcohol.

So what happens when teenage childs get a clasp of marihuana? Some argue that the drug’s effects that impair reaction clip. coordination. and the thought procedure in general can be unsafe in the custodies of kids and teens. If childs in the United States were educated and brought up around marijuana the manner European childs are with intoxicant. they would likely be able to utilize the drug in a mature and rational manner. Unfortunately this is non the instance. Teenss abuse intoxicant more in America because they can’t lawfully drink. likewise. all ages abuse marihuana because it’s wholly illegal. If teens can experiment intelligently and responsibly. and avoid succumbing to the “psychological dependence” of marihuana. so it offers no direct injury towards immature people any more than it does grownups.

Frequently the manner marihuana is presented in the same class as harder drugs in drug instruction categories can ensue in some misconceptions with childs. They are told that marihuana is highly habit-forming along with intoxicant. cocaine. and diacetylmorphine. Many times the hyperboles offered up in these drug seminars are received as field prevarications by the by and large misanthropic young person. Like the instance of the miss interviewed in Marsha Rosenbaum’s essay. “Marijuana is non an exceptionally unsafe drug for teens. ” where she states:

“…They told us if we used marihuana we would go addicted. They told us if we used diacetylmorphine we would go addicted. Well. we all tried marihuanas and found we did non become addicted. We figured the full message must be B. S. So I tried diacetylmorphine. used it once more and again…” ( 34 ) .

Alternatively of learning kids that marihuana should be regarded as though it’s merely every bit unsafe as LSD they should be taught of the true hazards associated with each single drug. When something that is thought to be true is found out to be false. particularly in the head of a adolescent. so all other related facts might besides be untrue. The “consistent mischaracterization of marijuana” harmonizing to Rosenbaum is what hinders attacks to advance drug bar in teens ( 35 ) . This is how kids fall victim to the “gateway theory” . it has nil to make with the belongingss of the drug. but the manner the dangers of it are inflated to the point that when the child really experiments with the drug they find it to be wholly harmless compared to what they heard.

Although the “gateway theory” typically depends on the personality of the single experimenting with the drugs. it general stands that most people that try marihuana or even utilize it on a regular basis don’t travel on to seek or go addicted to harder drugs. For every 100 people that try marihuanas in their life-time merely 1 goes on to utilize cocaine ( 34 ) . This is because for most people marijuana “represents a impermanent experiment or enthusiasm” ( 18 ) .

Most marijuana users in the U. S. are in their 20’s and their involvement in the drug tapers off during their 30’s. The very nature of the drug. the fact that it isn’t physically habit-forming and has low wellness hazards and side effects. makes it the type of drug that people go through a stage of making. Most people have the sense to recognize at some point that there’s more to life than acquiring stoned. and they either quit all together or utilize it far less often.

The lone individual who can make up one’s mind whether marihuana is harmful or non is the single user. With a really low possibility of any dependence. far less hazards of disease than coffin nails and other drugs. and a short list of unwanted side effects. marihuana can merely be approved or disapproved by the individual taking to utilize it. Healthier than coffin nails and less harmful than intoxicant. it’s easy to see that marihuana is non about every bit unsafe as it has been made out to be.


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