The Heart of Darkness Character Analysis Very Limited Essay

Going up that river was like traveling to the earliest beginnings of the Nor” This quote displays Marrow as a representation of European settlers and their opinion that the land in which they were settling in is very primitive.

Marrow has very strong work ethic and professional skills, which are contrasted with the laziness and incompetence of the Company employees. * Marrow is disturbed that he can somewhat understand/communicate/launderette the natives. Stating: “No, they Mere not inhuman” * The notion that maybe there is an Inkling of them In himself and his own people, frightens Marrow. * Marrows ability to remain sane In an Increasingly Insane situation demonstrates his refusal to give In. Kurt * Kurt has a fiance©e waiting for him In Europe.He calls her his ‘Intended’) * Marrow speaks of Kurt In a tone of fascination, as If he has no control over his actions when around him.

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“But evidently, they couldn’t bury this parcel deep enough to save the gifted Mr. Kurt from his fate”. * Another act of fascination Is that Marrow calls him Mr.

Kurt. * “He nodded a nod full of mystery and wisdom” * Although he tells the story through a lens of admiration, he does Inform his listeners’ that Kurt has a flaw of character that caused him to go Insane In Isolation.


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