The Heroism Of Hester Prynne Essay

Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter focuses on seven old ages in the lives of four people populating in a Puritan community in 17th century Boston. Hester Prynne. the married woman of Roger Chillingworth. falls in love with the Rev. Arthur Dimmesdale and the two have a kid. Pearl. The fresh explores the effects of criminal conversation on these four characters. Ralph Waldo Emerson one time said. “It is the surmounting of troubles that makes heroes. ” A hero has the qualities of trueness and courage. and he is ever willing to do great forfeits for the well being of others. Hester Prynne possesses all of the qualities of a true hero in this novel.

One quality of gallantry is trueness. Hester Prynne reveals her trueness during the first scaffold scene when she keeps. Arthur Dimmesdale. her lover’s individuality a secret from the community. therefore continuing his repute. Another illustration of Hester’s trueness is revealed by honouring her promise to Roger Chillingworth and maintaining his individuality a secret from the community. These illustrations set up Hester’s trueness to others.

Another quality of gallantry is bravery. Hester reveals her utmost courage legion times throughout the novel. One illustration of her courage occurs during the public penalty Hester receives for the offense of criminal conversation. Hester maintains self-respect throughout the continuance of this penalty. The mean individual would lose control in a similar state of affairs. Hester is of a rarer quality than the mean individual. She remains dignified regardless of the abuses she receives from the townsfolk. Hester besides reveals courage by staying in the community even though the townspeople dainty her cruelly.

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Eric Hall Hester moves to the outskirts of town. continues with her needlecraft. does charity work. and raises her girl.

A concluding component of gallantry is being willing to do great forfeits for the well being of others. Hester illustrates this quality when she makes “coarse garments for the poor” population of Boston. despite their abuses and ingratitude. The mean individual would surely non make charity work for people who treat them unappreciatively. Another illustration of Hester doing forfeits for others is when she sacrifices her self-respect for the public assistance of Pearl. This occurs when Hester uses verbal force to barter with the magistrates in her daughter’s behalf. She illustrates the significance of Pearl in her life when Hester says these words to Governor Bellingham. Roger Chillingworth. the Rev. Arthur Dimmesdale. and Rev. Wilson. “Ye shall non take her! I will decease foremost! ” This quotation mark reveals the utmost forfeit that Hester is willing to do for her kid. These illustrations reveal Hester’s willingness to do forfeits for other people.

Hester Prynne reveals trueness when she keeps the individualities of both Roger Chillingworth and Arthur Dimmesdale secret. Hester illustrates courage by both being dignified in the first scaffold scene and staying in Boston despite legion adversities. Hester proves that she is willing to do forfeits for others when she does charity work and battles for the public assistance of Pearl. Hester Prynne possesses all of the qualities of a true hero in The Scarlet Letter. She is loyal. brave. and willing to do forfeits for others.


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