The Hiding Place Essay

Watching the movie The Hiding Place made me realize how much better and different books are than movies. A major difference between the book and the movie was the beginning. For instance, the book started with the watch shops’ 100th Anniversary, and the movie started with the Nazis taking away the Ten Boom family’s radio. The movie skipped a lot of events such as the 100th Anniversary and introducing the family and their roles in the story.It would have been better if the movie at least showed the 100th Anniversary so that people watching could see how important, respected, and well known the Ten Boom family was in their community.

In addition, the role Betsie played in the story was the same in both the book and the movie. Betsie is Corrie’s sister. She was significant to the story because her character and personality was “a light in the dark tunnel” they were passing through.

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Betsie held onto her strong faith in the Lord and thought only positive things about their situation.For example, Betsie said to thank God under any circumstance because He never makes mistakes and there is a reason for everything. You see, God has a plan for all of us and it may be hard to understand sometimes, but with Him it all works out for the best. Corrie and Betsie learned that even the most dreadful things such as fleas, can be a blessing from God. “You know we’ve never understood why we had so much freedom in the big room,’ she said,’well-i’ve found out.

’… ’because of the fleas! ” p. 231 in The Hiding Place.Overall, I enjoyed the book more than the movie. The reason is because the book had more details; therefore, everything made more sense and was easier to understand.

It was also far more interesting than the movie. The book had a bit of romance, mystery, drama, and never bored me. On the other hand, the movie was boring, had no suspense or drama and I couldn’t fully concept what was going on. In conclusion, The Hiding Place helped me realize how truly blessed I am. This story has made a great impact on my life that I will never forget.


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