The Hunger Games-Full Book Summary Essay

THE HUNGER GAMES Collins Suzanne -Summary by Ashdeep Singh In the morning of the reaping day, Katniss wakes up. Finds her mom, pet cat (Buttercup), and her sister, Prim by her side. After getting dressed, she heads to the forest, where she meets her hunting partner Gale. After fishing and searching for berries, they head back home. On their way back home, Katniss and Gale stops at the Hobs, the black market. At the Hobs, they exchange their fishes with bread and salt. Then they go to the mayors house to sell some of the berries.

However, Gale and Madge, the mayor daughter, get into an argument that how rich and wealthy people from each district have less chance to be chosen, because they are not in need of food support. The poor and needy people must fill out an extra name form in the draw to get extra food supply support. When Katniss comes back home, she washes and changes to one of her moms dress to prepare herself for the selection event. Long time ago, during the dark age of Panem, 13 districts had formed a union to rebel against the Capitol. However the 12 districts lost and 1 other district was completely destroyed and disappeared.

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In order to remind the people of the history each year, the Capitol created an annual event called “The Hunger Games”. The rules are that one boy, one girl tributes from each districts are gathered, and they have to kill each other until there is only one survivor. When it was time for the event, District 12’s escort, Effie Trinket comes to choose the tributes for the following Hunger Game. As a part of the process of the event, Effie Trinket greets Haymitch Abernathy, who was the winner of the 50th Hunger Game from District 12. Then Effie Trinket puts her hand in the glass ball, with all the name tags in, and pulls out one sheet of paper.

Soon, Effie Trinket announces that Primrose Everdeen, Katniss’ younger sister, is the girl tribute for the 74th Hunger Game, from District 12. When Primrose’s name was announced, Katniss was stunned. However soon she had volunteered to be the girl tribute instead of Primrose. Soon after Katniss was up on the stage, the boy tribute’s name was loudly announced. It was Peeta Mellark. Few years ago, Katniss’ father was killed in a mine explosion in March. Even though the government had provided a little amount of money, it was not enough to support the family. Her mom did not get a job.

Although the family was starving, they had to wait until May, when Katniss will turn 12, and will be eligible to put her name tag in exchange of food supplies. Before Katniss turned 12, she faced a huge difficulty in overcoming the hunger and cold. While she was nearly dying, walking by the bakery, she ran into Peeta Mellark, who was at the time in the same grade in school as her. Soon after he enters the bakery, he comes out with a burnt piece of bread in his hands. Then his mom shouts to him to throw the bread away. Peeta purposely throws away the bread near Katniss.

Even after years later, Katniss still is thankful to the piece of bread that gave her hope to survive. However she is hoping that Peeta will be killed by tributes from other districts. After the national anthem ended, they are taken into custody. Peeta and Katniss were separately taken into nice rooms. Where they were given opportunities to say good bye to their family and friends. At first, Katniss’s mom and Prim came in to the room. Even though she was overwhelmed with emotion, she is determined to not cry in front of the camera. Katniss starts to give advice for living to Prim and her mother.

Deep in her mind, Katniss knows that she can never win “The Hunger Game”. Then Peeta’s father, the bakery owner, comes in to the room. He promises to look after and make sure that he won’t let her family to starve. Madge, the mayor’s daughter, comes in as the third guest. Katniss promises her to wear Madge’s golden pin as the one item from one’s own district in the arena. Katniss is looking back doubting that weather or not Madge was her true friend. Finally, Gale comes in, and tells her to find a bow and arrows as soon as she enters the arena.

Then they start to have a conversation about some previous Hunger Games. After all the visits, the tributes ride on a train headed towards the Capitol. Soon, Katniss takes a shower and have dinner with Peeta and Effie Trinket. As they are discussing about the sponsors, Haymitch enters. Right after he enters, he throws up and collapses. He helps himself up from the puddle of puke. While helping Haymitch, Katniss suddenly feels the emotional confusion towards Peeta. In order to avoid having positive emotions towards him, she throws the cookie that his dad gave her out the window.

Katniss soon has a flashback of when she had learned how to hunt, and distinguish eatable plants. As she feels sorrow and misses her home, she slowly falls asleep. The next morning, Effie Trinket wakes Katniss up. She has breakfast with Peeta, Effie and Haymitch. When Katniss and Peeta asks Haymitch for an advice, Haymitch replies “Stay alive”, which annoys Peeta and causes him to be angry. Then Haymitch and Peeta get into a fight, which is broken up when Katniss throw a knife on the table. Soon, Haymitch was impressed and his attitude towards them had changed.

After examining Peeta and Katniss (and their skills), Haymitch makes a deal with Katniss and Peeta. As long as they don’t interfere with his drinking, he will be sober enough to help them. As a first realistic advice, Haymitch orders Katniss and Peeta to obey whatever the stylists are going to do to them. Then the train finally arrives at the Capitol. When Katniss arrives at the Capitol, she was for the first time introduced to her stylist Cina. Cina is a rookie stylist to participate in “The Hunger Game”, however he states that he had volunteered to be in charge of District 12.

After all the treatments to make Katniss look better, Cina and Katniss discuss about the outfits that Katniss and Peeta are going to wear for the opening festival. In the end, Cina designs clothes for Katniss and Peeta which light up with artificial fire. The opening ceremony goes very successful, everybody become impressed about Katniss and Peeta’s outfits. However by the time when the festival ends, Katniss’ emotion towards Peeta becomes more confusing and unclear. The very next day all the tributes are taken to the training center which is a closed building that is specially designed for all the tributes to stay, eat and train in.

During the supper, Haymitch, for the first time appears very sane and clean, to the dining room. While Katniss is eating, she discovers that she can recognize one of the girl avox servants. But soon she denies it to avoid any conflict. After supper, Peeta and Katniss head to the roof, where Katniss tells Peeta how she knows the avox girl. In the past, when Katniss was hunting with Gale, they had witnessed a girl and a boy running away from something. Then a hovercraft appeared, it captured the girl, however shot a spear and immediately killed the boy.

Later that night, after telling Peeta about the avox girl, she feels guilty about not being able to help the boy and the girl at the time. As she falls asleep, Katniss wonders whether the avox girl would be happy if Katniss is killed in “The Hunger Game”. On the next day, in the morning, Katniss, Peeta talks to Haymitch about how to train themselves. During the conversation, Peeta and Katniss reveal each other’s advantages. Haymitch orders them not to reveal their main skills to anyone except to the gamemakers during the private session.

For the next several days, Katniss and Peeta goes through some minor training, such as plant distinguishing, tying knots, making camouflages… On the last training day, each tribute would have a private session with the gamemakers. Then they will receive a score out of 12, depending on their performances. During Katniss’ session, which scheduled last, the gamemakers are rather focusing on the barbecued pig instead of Katniss’ performance. Soon Katniss becomes irritated and shoots an arrow at an apple in the barbecued pig’s mouth in front of the gamemakers.

Leaving all the gamemakers stunned, Katniss leaves the room saying “Thank you for your consideration”. After Katniss left the room, she starts to feel very worried. She is afraid that either her family or she herself may be arrested. She stays quietly in her room, until Haymitch and Effie come to her room. As Haymitch, Effie and Cina try to calm Katniss down through talking, Then they together watch the television to check the scores for Peeta and Katniss’ score for their private sessions with the gamemakers. When everyone found out the scores, they are stunned. Peeta got 8, while Katniss received a score of 11.

The next morning, when she wakes up, she hears a shocking story from Haymitch that Peeta had declared that he wishes to be coached separately. Katniss feels extremely betrayed by Peeta’s decision . However she still goes through the training to make her more likable towards the crowds. After the training, she returns to her room, where she finds the red haired avox girl. Then Katniss’ guiltiness reaches its peak, she later helps the avox girl cleaning the room. After a night of sleep, Cina shows Katniss the new beautiful dress that she is going to be wearing for the interview.

Katniss is very impressed. Later at the interview Peeta claims that he had loved Katniss ever since they were back in District 12. Followed by Peeta’s unexpected statement, Katniss claims that she was not aware of his love till then. After the interview Katniss was extremely angry and hurts Peeta’s hand for making her to appear weak. However, Haymitch later comes and claims that it was a strategy to make her look attractive to the people to gain more sponsors. The last night before “The Hunger Game” passes by very fast. As one last advice, Haymitch tells Katniss and Peeta to run away as soon as the ame starts, then find a source of water. After breakfast, Cina helps Katniss to dress into the provided clothes. Soon all the tributes are taken to the Cornucopia, then the beginning of “The 74th Hunger Game” For 60 seconds, the tributes are forced to stay on the metal circle. Even though Katniss sees a bow and arrows, she can not reach it in time. Instead she runs and takes an orange backpack. While she is running away, a girl tribute from District 2 throws a knife at her, luckily Katniss blocks it with her orange backpack. In the late afternoon, the sound of canon announces the death of 11 other tributes.

However Peeta and Katniss are still alive. While Katniss is sleeping on one of the trees, she sees a camp fire near by her tree. Soon she sees the career tributes kill the girl by the fire. As the groups of career tributes walk away in joy of eliminating another tribute, Katniss hears Peeta’s voice. After hearing Peeta’s voice, Katniss is extremely shocked. The career tributes realize that the girl by the camp fire isn’t dead yet. So Peeta goes and kills the girl. While Peeta is gone, the rest of career tributes express their opinion about having Peeta in their group.

Katniss gains her food supplies through setting traps, however not being able to drink for a long time causes her extremely tired and weak. After searching for a water source, she finds a little pond. In the pond she gains water and uses mud to camouflage her orange visible backpack. Feeling satisfied, Katniss falls asleep. Few hours later she wakes up to a forest fire burning towards her. Katniss starts to run away from the forest fire. She later finds out that the fire is started by the gamemakers to keep the game interesting. Fire starts to shoots randomly from the air to threaten Katniss.

While running she injures herself while dodging away from the fire. When Katniss successfully runs away from the fire, she feels exhausted and finds a tree to sleep in. Soon after she wakes up to the sound made by the career tributes. Not long after they are right below the tree. Katniss, hoping to entertain the viewers, she talks to the career tributes first. The action irritated the career tributes. They started to threaten her life, but they fail in every method they attempt. However they set their camp right below the tree waiting for Katniss to come down.

While Katniss is thinking of a way to get out of the tree, Rue, a female tribute from District 11, appears from the tree branches and points at something above Katniss’ head. When Katniss looks up she discovers a wasp nest. She cuts it down to make it fall among the career tributes. While she is cutting, she discovers a can of medicine on her sleeping bag from Haymitch and the sponsors. Soon the wasp nest falls near by the sleeping career tributes. Even though they attempt to run away, Glimmer, the female tribute from District 1, and the female tribute from District 4 are killed by the wasps.

In attempt to obtain the bow and arrow from Glimmers dead body, Katniss approaches the dead body. While she is separating the bow and arrows from the dead body, Peeta suddenly rushes to her from the forrest. Looking at her in a shocked way, he forces Katniss to run away quickly. Katniss hesitates at first, however, when she sees Cato running closer, she runs away. While she is thinking of how Peeta saved her life, an ant crawls into her eye and faints. When Katniss wakes up, she hunts for rabbit with her new bow and arrows. While she was eating her newly hunted rabbit, she discovers that Rue was really close to her hiding in the trees.

Katniss offers to form an alliance with Rue, Rue accepts. Katniss gives Rue some rabbit meat and medicine for her burnt wound. In return, Rue heals Katniss’ wounds from the wasps with the leaves that she found. As they eat they discuss about each other’s district and realize how all the districts are unfortunate. They reveal each other’s belongings, Katniss also tells Rue that the interview was a fake plan that they came up with their trainer, Haymitch. In the end, Rue and Katniss decides to destroy the food supplies of the career tributes to take an advantage in the game.

After sleeping through the night, Katniss and Rue eat their breakfast, consist of meat, eggs and wild berries. Next they decide to completely destroy the food supplies for the career tributes. Before separating, Katniss offers her golden mockingjay pin to Rue, however Rue says that it would be much more meaning for Katniss. They separate as they promises to signal through fire. While Katniss was hiding near the career tributes’ base camp, she overhears and obtains information that Peeta was stabbed by Cato, however he is still not dead.

As soon as the career tributes leave, the Foxface girl, the female tribute from District 5, sneaks in and steals some food from the base camp then escapes. Katniss, determined to destroy all the food supplies, she shoot open a bag of apple with her bow and arrows. The falling apples activated the land mine and caused the complete explosion around all career tributes’ gathered food supplies. The explosion pushes Katniss away to a hard ground. Even though she finds herself heavily injured, she runs away from the scene to avoid getting caught by Cato.

Soon the career tributes rushes back to their base camp and finds their food supplies blown away. Cato, angry and furious, approaches the male tribute from District 3, who is supposably the look-out, and breaks his neck. After leaving the career tributes’ base camp, Katniss settles down as a safe distance to give herself a break for the night. In the morning, she heads back to see Rue. On her way back, she hears Rue shouting her name. When she reached where Rue was, Katniss realizes that Rue is captured in a net then a spear comes and pierces through Rue’s body.

In anger, Katniss shoots the male tribute from District 1, the one that threw the spear at Rue, in the neck. Then Katniss cuts open the net in an attempt to save Rue, however it was too late. Rue asks Katniss to stay by her side. As Rue dies she wants Katniss to promise her that she is going to survive till the end and win “The Hunger Game”. Katniss agrees to keep Rue’s promise. Before Rue dies, Katniss sings her a song, as she watches Rue slowly dying. After burying Rue, Katniss starts to pack her stuff, then she realizes another item from the sponsors.

This time the item is a piece of bread from District 11, it seems like that it was suppose to be for Rue. However Katniss thanks the sponsors and takes the bread instead of dead Rue. In the afternoon, Claudius Templesmith’s(One of the gamemaker) voice announces that there is a change made in “The Hunger Games” rules. The modified rule states that if two final surviving tributes are from the same district, they may both survive. The modified rule reminds Katniss of Peeta. She decides to sleep for the night and look for Peeta the next day. The next morning, Katniss sets out in search of Peeta.

While she is searching in the river, she finally finds Peeta hiding in the mud by the river. His camouflage works great in keeping him hid from the other tributes. Katniss slowly takes care of Peeta’s wound. Peeta and Katniss seldom expresses their fake love through kisses, to show the audiences how much they are in love with each other. They decide to move to a different and safer shelter. When they arrive at the new shelter, they discover a pot-full of food from the sponsors. Katniss starts taking care of Peeta. Suddenly Claudius Templesmith announces that there will be a necessarily needed can be found at the Cornucopia.

When Katniss decides to leave to get the medicine for Peeta, Peeta insists that she must stay and if she must go, she must take him with her. Then Katniss feeds Peeta with sleeping syrup, soon Peter falls asleep, and Katniss sets out to obtain the medicine for Peeta. When Katniss arrives at the Cornucopia, she realizes that many other tributes are already there waiting for a good time to take their items. Suddenly foxfaced girl runs out, grabs her bag and runs away. Right after the foxfaced girl leaves, Clove, the female tribute from District 2, starts to attack Katniss.

Although Katniss tries to resist, soon Clove has Katniss under her power. Right before Clove is about to cut off Katniss’ lip, Thresh lifts Clove up in the air and cracks her skull with a rock. Then he turns to Katniss, however when he finds out her relationship with Rue, he lets go of Katniss and sets her free. Katniss rushes back to the shelter to give the medicine to Peeta. As she injects Peeta with the medicine, a beautiful green and silver moth lands on her wrist. In the morning, Peeta and Katniss wake up and talk about their past while they rest until the weather gets better.

Peeta tells Katniss about how his dad used to be in love with her mom, but her mom chose Katniss’ dad instead because he was a great singer. Also Peeta confesses that he has been in love with Katniss since they were 5, when he first saw her singing. As they share their past stories, they also express their love towards each other for the audiences to see. In the end, Haymitch and the sponsors send them a lot of food to support their survival. As Katniss and Peeta are eating supper, Peeta looks up in the sky and gets stunned for a while. Then he tells Katniss that Thresh is dead.

When Katniss hears it, she feels emotionally confused and depressed. When Peeta and Katniss finished eating, they decides to continue hunting for more food. While they are walking, Peeta’s injury caused too much distraction. To reduce the distraction, Peeta is assigned to leave behind at a tree, where Katniss can signal him in emergency. As Katniss signals Peeta through whistle, she doesn’t hear anything as a reply. Katniss feels worried and finds Peeta with new berries. He says that he was picking some wild berries for them to eat. Soon, they witness a hovercraft lifting the body of foxfaced girl away.

It was not Cato that killed the foxfaced girl. It was Peeta who killed the foxfaced girl. The berries that he picked up were nightlock, a strongly poisonous kind of berries. However the foxfaced girl didn’t know and stole the berries from them. When the foxfaced girl ate the berry she died. Later, they decide to head back to the shelter, the cave. When they wake up the next morning they realize that all the water is dried, including the pond and river. Peeta and Katniss decide to fight against Cato, face to face. While they were walking in the forest, they realize Cato, wearing armor around him, running towards them.

Even though he sees Katniss and Peeta, he does not slow down for them. When Katniss and Peeta look to see what Cato was running from they realize muttaions chasing after them. After realizing the hounds of muttaions chasing after them, Katniss and Peeta run after Cato to survive. All Katniss, Peeta and Cato arrives at the Cornucopia, where they climb the artificial corns to avoid the muttations. When Katniss and Peeta thinks that they are safe, Cato snatches Peeta and holds him as a hostage. To rescue Peeta, Katnis shoots Cato in his hand, which causes Cato to fall off the corns, while Katniss saves Peeta from falling.

As soon as Cato falls, the muttaions attack him. For the next few hours, Katniss and Peeta spend their time listening to Cato slowly getting killed by the muttations. In the end, Katniss uses her last remaining arrow to shoot Cato to kill him in pity. However, there is a new announcement declaring that the modified rule of “The Hunger Game” no longer exists. Not willing to kill each other, Katniss and Cato attempt to eat nightlock berries at the same time. Before neither of them could swallow any, Claudius Templesmith announced the end of “The Hunger Game”.

Both Katniss and Peeta faint after the end of the game is announced. Later, When Katniss wakes up she checks if Peeta is safe and healthy. Katniss discovers that Peeta is healthy, and feels relieved. When both Katniss and Peeta are out of their beds, they were once again dressed and prepared for their interview. During the interview, the crowds watch the highlight scenes of Katniss and Peeta from “The Hunger Game”. Katniss and Peeta ride the train back to District 12, when they were done with their final interviews. They ride the train back to District 12, their home.


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