The imaginative landscape Essay

It is human nature to hanker to belong. to suit neatly and comfortably into a familiar niche. It allows for a foundation. on which to construct upon. It frequently nurtures us. but sometimes. as our of all time inactive individualities develop. we surpass it.

We out turn it. It is when we are sheltered and content. that the chance of go forthing or allowing go is most hard. as we must deracinate ourselves.

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In order to maintain our roots. which are so profoundly buried in our foundation. we simulate our old.

traditional landscapes. in order to maintain them alive. Through linguistic communication. tradition and others.

we can partly re-create traditional landscapes. As immigrants of the same nationally huddle together in a suburb-an island of acquaintance in a sea of strangeness- in the hope that it might be something like is was before.Some wish to maintain their civilizations and traditions sacred and unchanged by ‘treasuring’…’the recent past’ . at the same time blinding themselves from being unfastened to new traditions ; as in the instance of Old James. This leaves him to experience stray. holding no topographic point to re set up his roots.

smothering farther growing. Old James is malcontented that Young James. disparate from his household.

will non settle his roots in Ettrick Valley ; ‘go [ ing ] on and non retrieve [ ing ] a thing of Scotland’ . Young James. and those who follow him will hold non emotional association with Scotland. merely. cognizing that it is the topographic point of his ascendants orirgons.

Like many others. tradition and civilization of those gone earlier is lost. merely to hammer new 1s. and a new foundation and a different sense of belonging.


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