THE IMPACT OF THE INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION IN GREEN AREAS The loss of ecosystems is not only a current problem

The loss of ecosystems is not only a current problem, it goes way back in history to the industrial Revolution. But how did the industrial revolution affected today’s growth in Monterrey? The Sustainable Development Goals consist of 17 goals to help future challenges, this essay is going to focus on goal 15, life on land, one of the targets of this goal is to save and protect ecosystems and stop its loss to save species in danger and stop other consequences of this problem like pollution and climate change.

The industrial Revolution was a historical process that marked a difference in industry, technology and in daily life. It started back in the 18th century, between 1760 to 1840, it all began in England then spreading to other countries. (Britannica, 2018). According to Monalisa (2017) there was instability in political and social life in Britain, they needed growth in economy, British people wanted new and easier techniques for work, feudalism collapsed and Britain was in the search of new business, new inventions facilitated the agriculture realizing that creating this inventions for every type of industry would facilitate everyday work, after all of this the Industrial Revolution started. It helped society with great advances and new inventions, before this the industry labor was slow and unproductive and after this the revolution work was easier and more productive helping rise the economy and the expansion in wealth of some countries and it created more jobs opportunities for low and middle class people. As stated for Moorhead (2014) some of the great inventions of the Industrial Revolutions were the steam engine, creating steam powered locomotives and boats, changing completely transportation, textiles and machines leading to new clothing and more jobs. After this industry development, work and city expansion became a priority not only for the government but for business and citizens, forgetting to take care of the environment and green areas leading to multiple consequences that are bad for the atmosphere and the world.

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The industrial Revolution first got in countries with better economy like Britain and the United States, mostly in Europe although in countries with no so good economy like Mexico and others the Revolution got after and slower . In most countries from having an economy based in agriculture it changed to one focused on industry and textile production. (Moorhead, 2014). The main purpose of the industrial revolution was to offer change. During this the political and Economic system was socialism in which community members had domination on the government and different elections of economic subjects, including owning factories, back in those years the citizens didn’t need to fight to get social justice, socialism was the only type of government that supported real freedom.(freeman, 2015). In the industrial revolution capitalism was also develop, it is an economic system which lead to the trade between different countries and all the new inventions, it is based in the manufacturing and industrial production.

A big problem community is dealing with now a days is the loss of ecosystems. There are different causes for this struggle, changing completely a landscape by eliminating all trees and plants, transform the area to the point where it disconcerts animals and their way of living, agricultural industry, and habitats are taken for the building of houses and business (Green, stay green, 2018). According to Erickson (2012) this struggle has an impact in the climate change, pollution, endanger species and other environmental problems. A lot of species are dying or have a risk of extinction as a consequence of losing ecosystems by destroying or using their natural habitats as a community space, deforestation and population growth, this also affects biodiversity which is very important for human health and stability. Some community members agreed that a part fault of this problem is of the government by giving permission to construct in natural habitats like, letting houses get build at a high distance in the mountains, or like the actual fight to build sport field above the Santa Catarina river which has become a home for different species and a cause for this problem is that day by day as the city growth society goes forgetting the importance of nature, simply it purifies air and helps the atmosphere. “We have lost 76 percent of freshwater wildlife, 39 percent of terrestrial wildlife and 39 percent of marine wildlife since 1970” (World wildlife fund, 2014).

Since the industrial revolution society started focusing on industry and population development, forgetting and leaving a side nature and its importance due to this the city started growing and growing to the point where houses, building, schools and public areas are taking over forests, mountains, natural habitats, homes for thousands of species. In the industrial revolution agricultural industry expanded which is one of the causes of habitats loss.

The Industrial Revolution was a historical process that help in the advance of industry and population growth, it lead to a serious issue, the loss of ecosystems leaving different species without a home and climate changes, the sustainable development goals are trying to remove or slow down this struggle to help save the world.


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