The Impact of Workplace Issues on Patients Essay

 The Impact of Workplace Issues on PatientsStress is usually defined from a ‘demand-perception response’perspective (see Bartlett 1998). Stress is a subjective phenomenon based on individual perceptions, producing positive (eustress) and negative(distress) perspectives. The workplace for nurses provides a multiplicity of sources of stress (see Mc Vicar).

 It is one of the many issues faced by nurses in the workplace.  The changing roles of nurses, workload, problems with supervisors and peers, pay and personal problems are among the causes of workplace stress.  Stress can make the nurses hot-tempered and unapproachable to patients. It can also lead to poor medical practices such as not giving the right medicines or not giving it to patients on time.I have experienced a certain situation where I accidentally gave a quinolone (a strong antibiotic that can be harmful for newly-born babies) to a lactating mother. It was just fortunate that the guardian noticed the mistake because, if I wasn’t corrected, it can put the baby in danger.

I was just lucky that the guardian and the patient just reprimanded me and did not report me anymore. This is an actual experience on how issues in the workplace affect the patients. Its effects may cause damage to patients and can lead to complications, future health problems and even death.Workplace issues should be addressed accordingly to prevent malpractices. This should be taken seriously. Health care center management and health care providers should take actions to minimize if not eradicate these issues.

  The life of the patient is in our hands. Being a health care provider myself, I have a duty to acknowledge these issues and help overcome them in my own personal experiences. This way, I can contribute in making the workplace a stress-free environment where quality service is provided to patients.


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