The Importance of Being Earnest’ Essay

The Importance of Being Earnest’ is used to stand for a contradictory and hypocritical society. Oscar Wilde uses the text to reflect his ain experience with an nescient society ; Oliver Parker does non retroflex this in the 2002 movie version of ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ as he does non hold the emotional influences that Wilde had.

Therefore Parker does non bring forth an accurate representation of Wilde’s drama ; he merely provides a amusing historical representation of the surroundings for a modern audience.The manager and author both explore the subjects of matrimony. morality and gender equality nevertheless their reading and manifestation of the subjects differ.

The subject of matrimony is represented in both versions of the text nevertheless the author and manager have different motive for the presentation of the subject. In Wilde’s version matrimony is cardinal to the secret plan and used as capable for changeless argument whether it is for ‘business or pleasures’ which Algernon and Jack discuss in act one.Through the usage of Lady Bracknell and her prepared interview with Jack -to earn Gwendolen’s hand- Wilde demonstrates the outlooks and regulations for to be acceptable in a Victorian society. acceptableness which can merely be gained through matrimony. The inquiries which include Lady Bracknell and therefore society’s political orientation that smoke is an equal business non merely displays how crackbrained and superficial society is but besides reveals Wilde’s ain cynicism on the significance of matrimony. Wilde’s neglect for the practise is shown through his personal life where his matrimony failed but besides in the drama where non one happy matrimony exists.This is shown through the character of Lane who casually says he believes matrimony “a really pleasant province. ” before acknowledging that his ain matrimony.

now ended. was the consequence of “a misconstruing between myself and a immature individual. ” This skip of this quotation mark and Lane’s positions on matrimony from Parker’s movie version shows how the manager fails Wilde’s composing. Parker uses matrimony simply as an illustration of conformance in society. conformance which is demonstrated by Algernon shaving off his mustache to gain Cecily’s love.Wilde besides illustrates conformance through the importance topographic point upon manner.

shown by Gwendolen’s remark in act three “In affairs of sedate importance. manner. non earnestness is the critical thing. ” However Wilde specifically demonstrates matrimony with more importance through ( more about matrimony ) than conformance because of his personal sentiments and experiences of matrimony in the Victorian epoch in which he lived. unlike Parker who can merely notice on the age from external beginnings.The fact that Parker degrades matrimony to an illustration instead than the Southern Cross of the secret plan shows how unequal his representation of the text is as Wilde’s purposes fail to be represented. Morality is explored in both Wilde’s original text and Parker’s reading.

Wilde remarks that morality is simply another frontage like Earnest to Jack and Bunbury to Algernon which are used by society to feign to be something that it is non while harvesting the benefits of both sides. Therefore society appears to be moral when it is genuinely immoral.This is shown by Jack’s sentiment that reading someone’s coffin nail instance is ‘ungentlemanly’ and he subsequently remarks “it is a awful thing for a adult male to happen out all of a sudden that all his life he has been talking nil but the truth. Can you forgive me? ” This demonstrates morality every bit pretension as prevarication is considered moral while reading is immoral. This rule radiates from his ain homosexual relationship as Wilde acted on candidly to himself instead than populating a prevarication and later a life of unhappiness. therefore non being immoral was considered morally incorrect in itself.This places the audience to conceive of how he was treated by the hypocritical society for moving morally.

Parker represents society’s immorality and lip service though the gap scene when Algernon is being chased through dark back street ways because of his debt. although ab initio it seems that through this he is being punished for his wickedness. the concomitant of gay music reassures the audience that that will non be the instance and affirms the activity as 1 that is moral.Additionally the manager uses comedy to foreground how evidently moral regulations were being broken even proposing to a modern audience that society may hold been cognizant of its ain contradictory behavior but go oning to disregarding it. It is shown in the concluding scene where Lady Bracknell observes that Jack’s existent name is non Earnest. even though that was what he had told Gwendolen which Lady Bracknell wholly disregards merely to laugh and throw her weaponries up.The exhibition of morality by Wilde and Parker portion the belief immoral activity was ignored in the Victorian clip.

However Wilde came of this sentiment from sing society’s reaction to his ain ‘immoral’ actions and therefore uses the subject to show a harsh and contradictory civilization. Parker alters from Wilde’s contention by exposing that society was cognizant of it actions. Wilde and Parker both explore the impression of gender inequality. nevertheless despite this they differ on which gender holds the power.Wilde’s position on gender equality is expressed by Jack in act 3 “Why should at that place be one jurisprudence for work forces and another for women” this suggests that the functions are non equal and emanates from Wilde’s traffics with an unequal and hypocritical society where he was non allowed to love a male because of his gender.

Wilde uses the female characters to show that adult females were more powerful than other plants from this clip would take an audience to believe.Lady Bracknell is a adult female who although lives cheerily as a consequence of her hubby and matrimony seems to be wholly in control of her matrimony and everyone else around her. “… you are non engaged to anyone.

When you do go engaged to person. I … will inform you of the fact. ” Gwendolen and Cecily represent strong adult females who although are chiefly concerned with visual aspect and the superficial bash non flex to social force per unit areas of being the agreeable and self-satisfied immature adult female.This is shown through Gwendolen’s interaction between herself and her female parent “I am engaged to Mr Worthing.

mama. Besides by Cecily’s Frank and fresh attitude when she talks to Algernon for the first clip. Both adult females finally make their ain picks about who they wish to get married exposing Wilde’s belief that adult females are more powerful than stereotypes would propose and that they have the most power because they are permitted to love. However Parker juxtaposes Wilde’s belief through the usage of add-ons and skips to demo that adult females merely move as they have domination which indicates a hypocritical society.

Gwendolen’s drive is an illustration of this as she appears in one scene as an important individual nevertheless in a undermentioned shooting is overtaken by a bicycler. Parker adds the musical ‘Lady come down ‘to typify his political orientation by showing that adult females will make whatever the work forces wish regardless of their ain aspirations. the music in the piece is capricious which was intentionally chosen by the manager to demo the patronizing behavior toward Cecily and Gwendolen and in turn adult females in general.Besides the manager employs Gwendolen and her costume to expose women’s falsified power as she wears a high cervix but underneath has a promiscuous tattoo on her underside which once more shows the adult females are non as they appear.

Although Parker and Wilde both show gender inequality as another illustration of a contradictory and lying society Parker and Wilde’s sentiments are opposite. hence Parker inaccurately depicts Wilde’s purpose. Wilde and Parker both explore matrimony.

morality and gender equality in their readings of ‘The Importance of Being Earnest.However Parker does non make an accurate word picture of Wilde’s work as he lacks the emotional connexion that Wilde had. emotional history that moulded the text into more than merely a historical representation for a cockamamie society which Parker displayed.

Wilde places the audience to sympathize with him as he uses his work to suggest at the troubles he himself endured from an unequal and inconsistent society. while Parker makes his audience laugh at the amentia of Victorian society.


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