The Importance of Five Heads: “Civil Peace” by Chinua Achebe Sample Essay

In “Civil Peace” by Chinua Achebe. the writer illustrates the life of Jonathan Iwegbu instantly after a long and bloody civil war. Jonathan.

the supporter of the narrative. counts himself extra-ordinarily lucky because he and his household survive the war with their five caputs in their well-thought-of topographic points. Along with his household. Jonathan is able to maintain a bike.

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Jonathan begins to utilize his bike to make a cab concern and starts to salvage money. After salvaging a little luck. Jonathan travels to his former place in Enugu and finds yet another miracle.

His place is still standing. After acquiring settled in their place once more. Jonathan learns the new exchequer began to interchange former Rebel currency with new currency.The dark that Jonathan exchanged his money. a group of stealers gathered outside his family’s door. and began thumping on it. demanding his money. Jonathan shouted for aid with no fortune.

Finally. Jonathan gave the stealers the money they demanded and they left. The following twenty-four hours Jonathan tells his neighbours “I count it as nothing” mentioning to the money that was stolen. The fact that he had his household and they were together was adequate satisfaction for him. Through the character of Jonathan. Achebe focuses on the importance of household and new chances to reconstruct instead than the adversities and desolation of the wake of war.

“Civil Peace” by Chinua Achebe Case StudyIt is instantly evident that Jonathan is a dynamic and resourceful character. Every obstruction thrown at him he learns from. When he needs to do money for his household he turns his bike into a taxi company. Jonathan is besides really street smart.

As he exchanges his money at the Treasury he puts it in his manus in his left pocket so he would go forth “his right free for agitating custodies as the demand arise. though by repairing his regard as such an lift as to lose all nearing human faces he made certain that the demand did non originate. until he got home” so that he would non be robed. He shows his rotundity and optimism at about every bend in the narrative.

Even as the stealers take his money from his petrified household. he replies that “nothing mystifiers God” and begins to acquire ready for work the following twenty-four hours. He considers the life of his five caputs and the chance to replace what was lost more of import than losing everything over money.The cardinal struggle in “Civil Peace” is Jonathan’s determination to give the money to the stealers. The struggle in this narrative builds in three phases. top outing at the crisis minute on page 44 when the stealers visit Jonathans place.

This is of import because it helps the reader understand why the stealers are coming for Jonathan and his money. Jonathan faces the internal struggle of giving up the money he and his households had worked so difficult for. or to contend back and hazard losing everything including his cherished five caputs. After wash uping all agencies of acquiring aid and recognizing there were no constabulary or neighbours to come to his assistance.

he gives the stealers the money they demand and saves his five caputs. This action reflects Jonathan’s value in the importance of household.Through the character of Jonathan.

Achebe focuses on the importance of household and new chances to reconstruct instead than the adversities and desolation of the wake of war. Although he and his household had worked so difficult for the money the stealers stole. they could ever make it once more. Jonathan makes it clear that one can non set a value on household and with thrust and finding you can obtain those touchable things that make life more comfy can be obtained.


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