The Importance Of Going On A Field Trip Essay

Going on a fieldtrip is a great way to take a break from studying so hard; however teachers overlook this fun way of learning. What’s more, most teachers think they can make children learn more and be smarter by reading big books. Well they are wrong, because by going on a field trip (atleast once every 3 months), the students get physically active, and learning in a fun atmosphere.

When it comes to learning, fun is the best way of learning. You never see science class that boring. In science class we usually do experiments.

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Experiments are fun, but you’re actually learning. Going on a field trip is the same thing. It would be a learning experience and we would have fun at the same time.

We would be able to see cool artifacts, which we wouldn’t be able to see at school, maybe only in books. We would be able to learn by looking at the artifacts, instead of reading about it off a book. We would be able to see real live things.

(e. g. We can learn how to start a business by going to stores and interviewing the cashiers or workers how they get customers to buy their products.We can learn how to write better stories by meeting authors. We can learn more in social studies by going to the Rom. ) Also, it has been proven that when children learn and have fun at the same time, they learn more because they take an interest in learning. If we go to the Ontario Science Centre we would have fun and learn more in science. Another reason to go on a field trip is, it would be a reward for all our hard work.

In Tomken Road Middle School, out of all the grade 6’s I think 607 got the most amount of work, homework and projects.The other grade 6 classes have fun and get less work, homework and projects. Most of all they go on many field trips. That makes class 607 sad. Getting homework and projects make us tweens do bad in school. We stay over night to finish our homework and projects.

Next day we are so tired that we don’t do good in school. Going on a field trip would be a break from all this. Also, we only had 1 field trip all this year. A final reason to go on a field trip is, we would be physically active and it is easy to prepare.

The teacher just has to go to the principal and ask, if class 607 can go on a field trip. The principal would do everthing else (if accepted. ) When we go on a field trip we would have to walk a lot, and we would do lots of activities.

This also is another type of DPA (daily physical activity. ) Overall, just by going on a field trip, we can be physically active and we would learn more. Most of all it would be reward for our hard work. So, 607 should go on a field trip.

And won’t people be impressed by someone who knows the importance of a field trip?


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