The importance of why we should recycling in schools Many times in our schools systems there are leaders who want to make our schools a better place for our children

The importance of why we should recycling in schools
Many times in our schools systems there are leaders who want to make our schools a better place for our children. We come across many ways to help our children to fund their events. In what ways can we help as leaders to help our children to become better persons to help our school environment by recycling in our school.
There are four things that im gonna talk about that i think that is really important that would help our schools learning our children how to recycle while they are at school.
(1) having a compromise between the school and recycling center (2) bring recycling bins into the school ; (3)motivation ; and (4)making school and reforming school rules .
First of all i believe working out a compromise by getting schools and recycling centers to agree to a mutual agreement. The problem with this is that our schools have the lack of communication between schools and recycling centers, one example would be coming together as a group would help recycling in our schools.
Secondly of all is bringing bins into our schools would help schools to recycle. The problem is there are not enough bins in our school. Another example would be having a fundraiser to buy bins for our schools. So we can recycle more.
Thirdly motivate is the most important key in recycling in our schools. I believe in using adverstingment to help along with having posters to help recycle in our schools. I believe that students and staff should know what to do, but they don’t do it. Another example would be Putting up poster on the wall and along in the hallways would help recycling in our schools.
Lastly i believe making school rules would be a another great way too by creating new rules or reforming existing rules would be a great way. The current rules that we have in our schools do not solve the problems with our recycling in our schools. I also think by allowing recycling rules to be revised would help. They would require staff to help students learn about recycling in our schools by providing a way to reinforce resources to our teachers and even grants to help recycling in schools. Not having enough funds and resources is one of the causes that has caused ours schools not to be able to recycle in our school systems. Having workshops along with special programs to help fund recycling in our schools would be a great way to help our students to learn about recycling. “Making Earth Day Last All Year” (¼)would be another way we could use in our classrooms to help recycle. “Earth Day is a great time to evaluate the things we do on a everyday basis towards a greener, healthier lifestyles” for our schools, students and teachers.
According to “Athena Bradley” “Does our schools have an obligation to recycle”?(June 5, 2012)(1) for most of us we grew up on “Crying Indian” “and its strong visual image against litter”(paragraph 2 line 1),(1)
1. This is why it becomes our responses ability to become mentors for our students. Helping our “schools to reinforce this message, helping us to realize that we can make a difference” (paragraph 2 line 4)(1) in our schools. This shows that we care about our schools, our children. Our children are like sponges they absorb information if we let them learn about recycling, they will be aware of the importance of recycling. There are many things that we can teach our students. and “Recycling can help inspire students to care about the planet”. Our schools help shape the habits that they continue as adults. This is why it so important to help our schools to keep recycling in our schools. Civics teaches the importance of obeying the laws and voting allowing us hands on activities, such as recycling and picking up after ourselves help to make our students better at recycling. There are many things we can teach our students by making a statement and letting their voices be heard. So these are the reason why i schools should allow recycling in schools it would make a great statement to keep our environment clean and to teach our kids several ways to recycle in our schools.


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