The Increasing Role of English and the Learning of Other Languages Sample Essay


English is popular and of import non merely in developed states but besides throughout the universe. Therefore. some people say that the increasing function of English in the universe means that the acquisition of other linguistic communications is being neglected. I do non hold with this statement for the undermentioned grounds:The acquisition of the other linguistic communications is non being neglected.

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First. allow us believe about French. Although French is non every bit common as English. many people want to larn this linguistic communication. In Vietnam. there are the bilingual categories offered at primary school and high school. such as Luong Dinh Cua Primary School.

Collette Junior High School. Le Hong Phong Senior High School. These categories are supported from France. there are tonss of scholarships granted to good and first-class pupils. In some universities like HoChiMinh City University of Education.

HoChiMinh City University of Social Sciences and Humanities. about 70 pupils are analyzing French. Although this figure is non really high. it proves that many pupils want to larn this linguistic communication. Besides. a batch of topographic points besides have held activities refering to French. In Ho Chi Minh City.

IDECAF ( Institute for Cultural Exchange with France ) is a good topographic point to both learn and practise French. In the universe. on March 20. French-speaking states celebrate the International Francophone Day.On this juncture. people take portion in such events and activities as watching Gallic movies on Television and some interesting and attractive games necessitating the cognition about France and Francophone community are organized. In some universities. there are besides Nipponese module and Chinese module.

Although a few of pupils take classs in these two linguistic communications. they are still bing and developing. In Youth’s Cultural House in Ho Chi Minh City.

there is a Chinese nine signifier with many interesting activities and a batch of members. Nowadays. many people come to the linguistic communication centre to larn these linguistic communications as their foreign linguistic communications. Furthermore.

larning the other linguistic communications like Orientalism. Russian. German. etc.

are developing and are attracted importance. Some people want to come to these states. so they have to analyze and when they come at that place. they will accommodate themselves to new life easy.

In brief. everybody does non pretermit the other linguistic communications. they learn English but they learn others besides.

English and other linguistic communications play the same of import function in the universe. English is common and of import. It is truly necessary to cognize it because you can utilize this linguistic communication in every portion of the universe and the linguistic communication used in all of computing machines is English. Actually. 80 % of information on the Internet is in English. However. except some English-speaking states.

English is used like the 2nd linguistic communication. Although be known bounteously. English is used little in the development states. Russia is one of the states that few of people know English. Then. if you want to work or populate in Russia.

you should larn Russian.More significantly. to cognize many linguistic communications can assist you a batch. For illustration.

you are a man of affairs. you have to go everyplace. and if you know three or four linguistic communications. you are able to pass on with aliens. Besides. the deficiency of cognition of foreign linguistic communication competency diminishes the capablenesss in diplomatic negotiations. Farther.

in order to hold more cognition about the civilization of whatever state. you should cognize the linguistic communication the people in that state speak. It will better for you. All in all.

any linguistic communication has different importance and cognizing foreign linguistic communications is really necessary.In decision. although the function of English additions. larning the other linguistic communications is besides necessary and of import because each linguistic communication plays its ain of import function in the state where it is spoken. We can see this through the motion of larning other linguistic communications.

It is unwise to see. in a limited period of clip. and conclude that it is the alleged matchless importance of English. Other linguistic communications are non believed to be neglected or paid an appropriate attending to.


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