The incredible Pixar Essay

The year 1986 will be remembered by computer animators for years to come; it was the year that the pioneering company of computer animation was born…

Pixar. Since then Pixar has evolved into one of the biggest and best computer animation companies around.It’s been twelve years since Pixar’s first feature film, Toy Story, and we didn’t think they could possibly get any better but we were proven wrong time and time again, classic film after classic film, from Toy Story to their latest release The Incredibles and incredible is just what Pixar are with the amazing animations and fantastic scenes of comedy that have exceeded already high expectations. After ‘Finding Nemo’ it was obvious that we expected nothing else than brilliance and we weren’t disappointed. The film is a brilliant comedy aimed at children but, with the magic of Pixar, manages to please the older viewers just as well.Admittedly ‘The Incredibles’ doesn’t have as many laugh-out-loud moments as its predecessor, ‘Finding Nemo’ but the occasional laugh-out-loud moments and the subtle humour that runs through out the entire movie is more than enough for this movie to be a yet another fantastic comedy. Every Pixar film has something that sets it apart from all the rest, for ‘The Incredibles’ it’s the fact that it is the first Pixar film that the main characters are humans (even if they are super-humans) which makes the film just that little bit extra special.The film is about an ex-superhero, Mr Incredible (excellently voiced by Craig T.

Nelson), who is forced into retirement just like all the other superheroes and is no more ‘Mr Incredible’ but Bob Parr. He is bored with his mediocre job in an insurance company and is tired of hiding his powers and wants to relive his’glory days’. His famly, on the other hand, just want to fit in and live a ‘normal’ life.In futile attempts to relive his glory days him and his best friend Lucius Best/Frozone (superbly voiced by Samuel L.

Jackson) who, would like nothing better to go bowling, tune in to police radio frequency’s to relive the days of ‘Mr Incredible’ oblivious to the problems in his daily family life. His weak attempts to once again become a superhero put his entire family in danger. The basic plot (according to Booker’s seven plots) is ‘Overcome the Monster’ which may seem like your typical superhero versus ‘bad guy’ clich�d movie but as always Pixar manages to add funny lines and extra touch originality that turn the clich�d movie into a hilarious classic.

If you watched this film you would never guess this is their first movie that is orientated around human characters as no amateurism shows through; the same astounding, professional graphics, dialogue that we have seen in previous films still shines through.One thing that the older viewers appreciate and can trust will be in every Pixar film is the dialectic dialogue that makes it much more interesting for us yet manages to keep a young chills entertained throughout the entire film. The use of dialectic dialogue is without-a-doubt, one of the many things that separate Pixar from the rest of the computer animation companies; if you have watched the other Pixar films you will know that Pixar considers their older viewers, which is why their films are loved so much.The graphic, animations and action scenes are as smooth and thrilling as ever (obviously). With the help of imitating different camera shots such as panning, high angle, low angle shots and many more the action scenes are just as good quality as any other action film, if not better with the inter-textual reference to James Bond style sound tracks that make it even better. The details that Pixar pay attention to such as the diagetic sounds they emulate e.g.

gun shots are what give the film an even better feel.Without a doubt The Incredibles is another huge success to add to the already triumphant films that Pixar have released. With Pixar improving with each film they produce it will be hard to wait for their, evidently, future extraordinary releases.If you are planning to go to the cinema this weekend (with or without children) The Incredibles is definitely the film to watch.


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