The Involvement of Young People in the Church Ministries and Its Effects in the Spiritual Maturity and Interpersonal Behavior Essay

According to Hunter S. Thompson “Anything worth doing, is worth doing it right”. This statement sums up the meaning and art of involvement. Getting involved is to take part, to take part is assuming a responsibility, taking responsibility is being ready to perform the tasks that requires commitment – to sacrifice, to endure, to hit the mark by utilizing time and actions to come up to a realistic outcome that a fulfilling goal is achieved. In connection to the statements mentioned above, the young people are also entrusted with the task of being involved in taking responsibilities.According to 1 Timothy 4:12, “Do not let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example to the believers in your speech, in your conduct, in your love, in faith and in purity,” Timothy was a young Christian youth from Asia Minor. He became a companion and assistant to Paul in his missionary work. In spite of his young age, he did not let this minority become a hindrance to be involved in helping Paul to share the word of God.

Timothy is one of the best examples for the youth of this generation in accepting responsibilities and in getting involved in such activities especially in church ministries. Not just merely participating, but by committing yourself and realizing that this is one of the ways to express their love for God. ¬¬¬ Being involved in church ministries have effects to the young people in two areas: Spiritual Maturity and Interpersonal Behavior. There is a saying, “The Sky is the limit”.It can be said that these ministries can possibly affect the spiritual maturity of the young people.

They may have deeper relationship with God and be more committed to their ministry. These ministries may not only affect the spiritual growth of the young people but also their interpersonal behavior. The way they talk, think, and act towards other people can possibly be affected. Based on our observations, there are some of the young people who are involved in a particular ministry who fails to manifest the Christ-like behavior and manner.Somehow being involved in church ministries cannot help them grow spiritually and cannot affect their interpersonal behavior. There are no changes that can be seen in the way they treat their family, friends and other people.

Sad to say, instead of being a living testimony, they are the ones being influenced with other people especially who are not involved in any church ministry. These foregoing statements and views serve as the basis to conduct this study.


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