The Junin Virus also known as the Arenaviridae was first found in 1958 in Argentina

The Junin Virus also known as the Arenaviridae was first found in 1958 in Argentina. There is 19 viruses known to humans. Each known virus is usually has been associate with a rodent. It is usually transferred by rodents biting in adults. It also can be transferred by contact with a rodent, and food that is contaminated. There was almost five million people that could be at risk of the Junin Virus. There is a 20-30% death rate if it is left untreated.There is at least 100,000 to 300,000 virus infections, and 5,000 deaths every year. History or Junin Virus:During the 1960’s many similar viruses were discovered. The similar viruses that were discovered they classified them as family Arenaviridae.throughout this time multiple different viruses have been found with an average every one to three year.The family Arenaviridae had a big outbreak in Nigeria in 1969.The virus was discovered when two nurses died. In the 1970s the virus was found to be associated with cottons mice in Southern Florida. Also in the 1990’s the evidence from a wood rats became associated with the virus.The Junin virus is a virus that is found in fat membranes, it shows small grainy sand like particles. The word arena means sandy so that is where the name originated. Junin Virus name came from the city of Junin which is in Peru because that is where the first virus were found in 1958. The virus parts are spherical and the average size is about 110-130 nanometers The genetic material is made of replication DNA. Symptoms and people infected:There is a list of different symptoms in 80% of the people that have been infected with the Junin Virus. Some symptoms are a high fever, sore throat, cough, abdominal pain, vomiting, headaches, dizziness,bleeding, and there is a 20% chance it could cause deafness. More signs it can weight loss, shock, paralysis, and death in 100% of any animal. Most of the other symptoms are less violent with no weight loss, death or fevers. There are multiple different symptoms so if you are around any rodent often then you should be aware of the symptoms of Junin Virus.Where Junin Virus has been found:Some of the 19 different kind of viruses have been located in multiple different states in the United States.The different states are California, Oklahoma, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Texas, Florida, and New Mexico. The viruses in California were found in many different types of rodents. Those types are the dusky footed woodrat, the desert woodrat, the deer mouse, the rush mouse, the California mouse, the cactus mouse, and the harvest mouse.Safety Precautions:
Here are a few safety precautions you can use to avoid getting the junin virus. When you clean in areas with rodents wear rubber gloves, don’t inhale rodent dust, be sure to decontaminate areas, be sure to get rid of dead animals correctly, and if you have rewearable gloves you have to be sure to disinfect the gloves you used around rodents. During outdoor activities there are different safety precautions that can be used. When being outside try to avoid contact with any rodent, stay as far away from rodent nests or burrows as possible, if you are camping keep the food sealed and the campsite clean, and lastly keep any cabins aired out before going inside. Spreading of Junin Virus:Although rodents are the main source of the virus it can be transferred in many different ways. There is different types of contact and it varies depending on the habitat of humans and rodents. Junin Virus can occur by person to person with contact with the blood or other types of body fluids,and contact with anything that has been contaminated. With all of the situations, be sure to use safe protective clothes and some cleaning and disinfection rituals.New treatment that is developed to help Junin Virus:A research team from the University of Texas Medical Branch has found a treatment to help the Junin Virus. The virus has been considered a big top priority of the United States of Homeland Security. So far there has been no drugs found for treating nor prevents the Junin Virus.They first testes with animals each animal got one of the three treatments. Animals of the animals that did not get treatment died in about 14 days after having the virus. Researches of texas said they need further results to find a way to treat the virus.Disinfections:The Junin Virus can be deactivated by most laundry detergents. The virus is also unsound to light and radiation. More arenaviruses in Mammals:Some livestock,dogs,and cats have inoculated with the virus. When humans get in contact with any mammal that has the Junin Virus they can develop signs of anorexia, gad signs, and different illnesses. The death rate is 17-24 days depending on the condition. Guinea pigs can also be contaminated with the Junin Virus.Prevention ways:If you are trying to stay safe from the Junin Virus here are some different things to avoid. Try and avoid mosquito bites, and have a clean environment to live in so no unhealthy rodents enter your house. Use mosquito repellent, stay indoors during the right time, be sure to use rodent proof containers to store food in, and be sure to properly get right os trash away from your house.Mortality rate of the Junin Virus:The death rate of the junin virus is to high after getting treatment and being caution. There is only a 20-30% death rate. So be sure if you’re having a high fever after being
around any rodent to be aware of any other symptoms and get checked out right away. If juninVirus is untreated for too long that’s when the death rate comes into play.


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