The Key to Succeeding in Taking Your Marketing and Advertising Efforts Global, Ironically Is to Think Local Essay

“Going for the Gold in Global Marketing. Companies must take care when taking their messages global” (Article 9) Essay (Extending the idea: “The key to succeeding in taking your marketing and advertising efforts global, ironically is to think local”. The globalization trend is strong today, but it is evident that the world is still local.

Multinational companies are presenting their products and services all over the world. They use same brand names, logos and sell same products in hundreds of countries, so it may seem that their marketing strategies are global.But, if you look at them through the magnifying glass, you will see that there are different local campaigns and strategies united by the idea of the brand. The global marketing approach was invented in era, when international companies have just appeared. Since then it has evolved and now, companies try not to make mistakes from the past, by using the same strategy in different markets. Modern global strategies are usually divided into the strategies, which are intended to work in the different countries or regions.This way, brands can respond the needs and wants of local customers effectively.

However, different markets have different conditions, that is why the brand, which is very popular and successful in one country can easily fail in another. These conditions may be not just cultural differences or presence of strong competitors, but also political stability of a country, government policy, differences in product life cycles, lack of needed infrastructure, marketing transfer issues, east-west or north-south dichotomy, ideology driven economy and even fear of colonialism.So, do not expect, success in global marketing to be homogeneous. There are number of successful international brands. But under their bright and attractive design, logos, slogans, commercials and so on, there is a great work with peoples habits and insights, based on a deep research in every new market. But, in such case, what makes these local campaigns work like a global and make the brand familiar all over the world?Of course it is the idea of the brand, its’ identity, its’ philosophy and quality of its’ products or services. To sum up, there are different keys, which open different markets doors.

Sometimes they are very much alike, but if the company wants to succeed in global market it should find each of them. Than it can sell its’ brands by adapting them to countries conditions, but keeping the same attributes of the brand and its’ main idea.


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