The kitchen had a dark past Essay

The kitchen had a dark past

Pushing out a wall a mere 6 feet helped turn a dark, low-ceilinged
kitchen into a bright and spacious room. The increase in light comes
partly from windows added along the new outside corner–before, the
kitchen had only a few small windows. But three skylights centered in
the redesigned roof do the most to bring light deep indoors.

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The skylights sit in a 6- by 9-foot flat section in the house peak.
As the sketch shows, the flat part starts at the top of the original hip
roof. Because the roof pitch over the addition remains the same,
it’s as if the room had been cut in half at the ridge line and
pulled sideways.

Doing away with the 8-foot-high ceiling and opening up to the full
roof height added overhead volume. But removing the ceiling joists and
widening the room couldn’t have been done without redesigning the
roof structure. An open box made of 4-by-14 beams rings the flat
section. Its weight comes down on four 4-by-4 posts; they rest on
room-spanning beams that carry the load to the side walls.

Architect Tom Lukes of Holewinski and Blevens Architects in
Salinas, California, designed the remodel for owners Donna and Bob

Photo: High-ceilinged kitchen has room-spanning beams at level of
old ceiling. Light-stained rough white pine siding covers ceiling

Photo: Dotted lines mark former outside wall, roof line, and
ceiling. Expansion required new perimeter foundation


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