The Lawtons Essay

Six years after the Lawtons moved out of the house, that they had been living in for as long as their two 16-year-old twin sons could remember. They were told by there good friends the Searles that Kiln Brook, their old house, was going to be knocked down this summer. The whole family and most of the small town where very disappointed with the decision to knock the building down because it is the oldest building in the town of Brighouse and it has a long history.

Chris and Liz Lawton, the father and mother of the family were very angry at the decision to knock the house down because they had lived there for fifteen years and that is where they raised their children and they had many pleasant memories of the house.

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Dan and Mike the two children or as they are now young men did not seem to phased by the decision to knock the house down. They just went on with their lives and they had to with their GCSE exams only a matter of weeks away. Dan was taking the more pleasant approach to his exams because he had been revising for several months before hand whereas the other of the two siblings Mike is trying to do lots of last minute revision that he is not liking one bit. Although they have different styles of doing things they do not fall into the stereotypical categories of the geek boy and the badass they both enjoy each others company and do share lots of things in common and are normal teenage boys it is just Dan does not think he knows every thing and takes the occasional piece of advice.

The still silence is broken by the cry of ‘dad’ coming from Mike’s bedroom. The cry was then drowned out bye the shout of ‘what’

‘Can you come here please up here?’ was the question asked bye Mike

‘Yeah just a sec’

As Mr Lawton was walking up the stairs Dan was quickly changing the web site he was on to another that would be more suitable if he father saw him on it. Mr Lawton went into Mike’s room and he explained to him why he was not getting the correct solution to his maths work. He did this with ease because Mr Lawton is a maths teacher at another school.

Time past and the biggest few weeks of Dan and Mike’s life were rapidly approaching. The house was very hectic not only because of the exams Mike and Dan were about to take but Mrs Lawton had to write a very important speech for the wedding of her high school best friend Sue Blackmoore so she was pulling her hair out to try and get some piece and quite.

After all of the exams and the wedding things were back to normal. When the results came through for the boys GCSE exams and Mike fluked higher results than Dan he went into school and proved to the teachers that cramming in lots of revision was better than months of revision before hand because that is what he had done and he got better results than is brother. This proves that teachers are not always correct. The wedding of Mrs Lawton’s friends wedding went well and she was complimented on her speech so after a nail-biting week everything came out fine.

The day before the bulldozers moved in the family went to Kiln brook to have one last look around. While they were looking around they began to tell stories of what things and happy times they had. Dan and Mike went straight up to the room they shared for ten years then Dan asked Mike

‘Do you remember the time when we woke up and saw the scaffolding outside the window and we didn’t know what it was’

‘Yeah I do, that was so scary’ answered Mike

Meanwhile Mr and Mrs Lawton were recollecting the time when they held Mrs Lawton’s 40th birthday party and everyone got very drunk and they accidentally locked themselves out of the house so on her birthday Mrs Lawton and her husband had to sleep out side under a tree. They did not find it funny at the time but when they look back on it now they just laugh. As they walked into the lounge they remembered the boys first birthday Mrs Lawton started to cry and was immediately comforted by Mr Lawton.

Dan and Mike walked down the stairs and the first thing they said was

‘Why are you crying mum?’

Their dad answered the question and he said

‘She’s just a bit emotional at the moment. Lets go’

On the way out she whispered the word



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