The Life of Tiberius Gracchus Essay

Encyclopaedia Britainica. (2013). Tiberius Sempronius Gracchus. Retrieved February 20, 2013, from Encyclopaedia Britainica: http://school. eb. com. au/ebarticle-9037574 This source was extremely helpful in my quest for information in regards to the Roman Tribune Tiberius.

This source was thoroughly researched which was evident due to the quality and quantity of reliable information. This source clearly referenced other sources and was in line with many scholarly opinions.This was a very unbiased and objective source as there was no favoritism and all of the information seemed to be impartial. I used this source to complete my background research and gave me ideas as to where to expanding my research and including more detail on the events that affected Tiberius on a personal level and Rome on a larger scale. University of Notre Dame. (2007). The Fall of the Republic: the Reforms of Tiberius and Gaius. Retrieved February 23, 2013, from University of Notre Dame: http://ocw.

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d. edu/classics/history-of-ancient-rome/eduCommons/classics/history-of-ancient-rome/lectures-1/the-fall-of-the-republic-part-1-the-reforms-of This source essentially offed an overview of life in Rome in Tiberius’ lifetime and detailed conditions leading to Tiberius’ reform and then how that was impacted by Tiberius and the implementation of the reform. This information comes from an educational institution which implies that it is reliable and reputable.This information was part of a collaborative effort between scholarly authors that id supported by references supplied.

The information offered is widely accepted which is evidentiary when comparing it to other sources of the like. This source does not marginalise any minority groups and offers a balanced and independent view of Tiberius time in Rome. Overall I found this source helpful to complete my background research and in the beginnings of writing my focus questions.Yale Law School. (2008). Agrarian Law; 111BC. Retrieved February 25, 2013, from Yale Law School: http://avalon. law.

yale. edu/ancient/agrarian_law. asp I found this source to be absolutely vital to my research as it had detailed information in regards to life in ancient Rome before Tiberius and his reforms and then after Tiberius and his reform and how Tiberius’ actions specifically impacted upon the Roman Republic. This information was found on the Yale Law


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