The main object of visiting to China is to focus on business and economic matters and to share the common interest

The main object of visiting to China is to focus on business and economic matters and to share the common interest. The new develop of Sino-ASEAN relationship introduce new learning curves for both groups of economies. The objection is how both can participate in one another opportunities which emerge from dynamic changes and growth in each other’s economic path. If the relationship between ASEAN and China is going well, it could lead to sustain beneficial relations of Sino-ASEAN to the creation of wealth in the Asia-Pacific area. On the other hand, if the relations is somehow attack by a group of economic competition in their common strategy, and if the issue is bringing them to doubt on each other’s side then the relationship between China and Southeast Asia countries cannot be succeed. ASEAN is basically a group of six equal and individual member states which have evolved in with different approaches in their China policy. The five ASEAN states have different performance rates in their relation with China, but it is also depend on Beijing’s own individualize policy toward ASEAN and individual member states. The happening of different levels, rates and styles of development between ASEAN and China, it gives the conception that this will effect on the approaches in their business and economic relations. Moreover, some of the individual economies within ASEAN are better be ready to accept and be able to catch up economic relations with Beijing. Similarly, the adaption of Beijing’s market towards ASEAN may not be as effective as it should because of its different preference and national modernization. At the same time, they try to find a possible way to separate economics from politics because of different historical background in the ASEAN-China relationship. However, it is possible to have economic exchange between China and ASEAN countries. Anyway, it is clear that each ASEAN countries has developed their own structure of economic with China and all the ASEAN countries joining together to have closer relations with economic Chia policy of instruments and institutional mechanisms develop and growth. Apart from the positive influence of policy changes and basic improvement of establishment, there are also other significant boundary which determine the possible outcome for China and ASEAN economic relations in the future.


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