The Major Role of Crusher and Grinder Mill in Cement Industry Essay

The major role of crusher and grinder mill in cement industry As technology developed, broken machinery technology updates, its scope more widely, not only for use in mineral processing industry while also widely used in the cement industry , and it has a significant role. Crushing , is to use the great force into small particles of particulate material in the process materials , the use of mechanical called crusher. Where the use of force will be small particles of material into a powder material in the process , called crushed or ground , referred to as grinding. It is called grinding machinery used machinery.

The crushing and grinding together referred to comminution , short grinding machinery used machinery. In the mineral processing industry , concentrator comminution operation costs of production , the average total cost to more than 40% , while the cost of production grinding operations , the average total cost to more than 40% , while investment accounted for dressing grinding equipment plant a total investment of about 60%.In the cement industry , cement comminution effects accounted for about 20% of production costs , broken machinery, plant-wide consumption accounts for about 10% of total electricity consumption , while the powder machinery accounted for 60% of consumption .

Cement Crushing: In cement production process , the majority of raw materials to be crushed , such as limestone , clay, iron ore and coal. Limestone is the largest amount of raw materials for cement production , the larger particle size after mining , high hardness and therefore need to go through the crusher for crushing , such as jaw crusher , impact crusher , cone crusher, impact crusher ( sand making machine ), etc. Its limestone crushing material crushing in cement plant occupies a more important position.


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