The Mansion Essay

It was a dark stormy night and the wind was blowing hard at my cheeks, tears fell from my eyes as the wind blew hard into them, I was starting to feel very dizzy as I walked around the twisting bending dirt path. I knew that I was lost in the dark, dark, forest.

In the near distance I could hear hauling that seemed to be coming from wolves, there it was again, haul, haul, haul, the sounds of the hauling in the distance sent a chill up my spine, I suddenly heard a noise come from behind me, some think fast was moving from the under growth, it was heading straight for me, I suddenly started to run, faster, faster, until I could run no further, I slowly turned behind me, but to my surprise meant there was nothing there and there didn’t seem to be any thing following me, I gasped a big breath whilst turning back to my front.

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I slowly walked on ahead through the dark tall banding forest, the howling from the wolves suddenly started again ahead in the close distance, it didn’t seem very far away. I looked in front of me to see another very sharp bend, I followed it, again it twirled, and again, and again, until suddenly there was a big patch of flatness, I knew that soon I would come across some sort of place to shelter, and yes, my thoughts came true, in the distance I could see a tall mansion, but it was mainly coved by trees.

I was very wet now and needed to shelter away for the night so I decided to make a move to the massive entrance way to the mansion, It looked slightly run down but was kept in such away that it looked like there was an owner so I decided to knock on the massive doors, bang, bang, bang, I then waited a minute to see if any one was going to answer, I waited and waited until I couldn’t wait any longer so I slowly turned the handle on the doors, hoping that the doors would be open, and it seemed that I was in look because the doors slowly opened, I crept slowly into the mansion closing the doors behind me, I gazed around the massive hall way for few minutes, it felt very creepy in the hall way, it was a large dark cold room, and there were cobwebs hanging from the broken chandelier above me.

I thought that I might have a quick look around the massive mansion before I took a nap, I didn’t know if there was even an owner of the mansion, although I didn’t think that there was as they would have heard me come in. There were four rooms leading of the hall way and I decided to choose the first room, the first room was very empty with a small fire place and a couple of candles, so I decided to move on to the next room, this room had a lot more in it, there were chairs, a big table and a massive painting of a vampire, I slowly moved to the next room, which was the kitchen, most of the room looked normal but in the left hand corner there was a massive rack full of knifes, this freaked me out slightly for a moment, I soon forgot about that as I moved over to the window in the kitchen, I looked carefully out at the view of the large forest.

I now decided to go up to the next floor; I slowly made my way up the wide wooded steps into a long dark corridor, I couldn’t see where I was going, I slowly made my way up the corridor, I had Goosebumps showing all the way up my arm as cold air swirled around me, suddenly I stopped very quickly because I was sure I heard a noise coming from the door ahead of me, I was very much aware as I walked up to the door, there was some think inside me that didn’t want me to open the door, but my instinct went above me and I slowly, slowly, very slowly turned the knob on the door, the door creaked open, and I slowly moved in been very unsure of what could meet me.

I quietly whispered “Is any body there”, it seemed a dead room, and I started to make my way back to the door when suddenly a loud scream came from the leading room to this, I rushed up to the door, and tried to open it, but it was locked, I slowly kneeled down to the floor, and peered through the key hole in the door, my eyes suddenly glued on what seemed to be horror, I shacked my head back and forth quicker and quicker and quicker, I couldn’t believe what I was looking at, there in front of my eyes was an evil gothic vampire attempting to rip apart an incessant person, I knew that I had to get out of here, very quickly, I wanted to help the person in the room, but I think he was all ready dead my looking at the amount of blood stained across the room.

I slowly backed away from the door, and got up very quickly, I then moved half way down the corridor then suddenly I tripped on a louse wooded floor board, and I came down with a massive bang, I slowly watched the door at the end of the corridor, and to my horror the door swung open, and out came the tall blood sucking vampire, I couldn’t move as I knew that I was now stuck, he came close and closer until he was only a couple of meters away, he stared into my eyes for a couple of seconds and then the worse thing happened, he brought out the knife which was covered in thick red blood, and I shouted out in pain as he..


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