The mood was definitely different this day Essay

The mood was definitely different this day. The sun was hidden behind dark gloomy clouds. The wind was icy cold. Although the day was not the best for fishing, my two friends and I decided to go out .

We decided to rent a small boat. We took out the boat. The ride was not an easy one. The water threw us around like a carnival ride. We decided to stop and fish when we saw what appeared to be a pod of dolphins. One of my friends decided to go and try to play with them. We warned Larson but he said dolphins were mans best friends.

As Larson dove in we realized that they weren’t dolphins. They were great white sharks.Larson tried his best to get back in the boat. Larson kicked and slapped like a fish out of water. He made it just in time to escape the sharks but I accidentally took off. We turned back as soon as we could just to find the sharks ripping him apart like a piece of chicken.My friend and I thought to ourselves what a great story to tell at the dinner table.

It was obviously to late to save him so we resumed our fishing. I soon after felt a tug. I assumed it to be a fish. I was trying to reel it in when it was just to much. My fingers were as red as a tomato.

Whatever I had caught was really heavy. I assumed it was stuck in a rock when suddenly a big marlin jumped out of the water. It was as big as the great whites we had seen earlier. The marlin was going crazy trying to get it self loose. I tried my best to reel it in but the marlin was a god compared to me. We dropped the anchor so it wouldn’t drag us anywhere.

With both of us pulling at it we were able to bring it in. We took it back to the store where we had rented the boat. The guy told us that it was the biggest fish ever caught in those waters.The whole town gathered to see the behemoth of a fish we had caught. We tried to explain to people what had happened to Larson. Since Larson had no parents people seemed to be indifferent about the whole thing.

They were just excited to think of the tourist my catch of the day would bring. In three days the city was swarmed with news crews. We all had our fifteen minutes of fame except Larson.


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