The most important aspect to look at while preparing for an expedition is your agility and stamina Essay

Are you one of those who believe that the best way to prepare for an expedition is by doing one? If so, then you need to change your outlook. Trekking is a good way to explore and discover new things. A trek through the jungle or through a valley in an isolated part of the world is a great way to explore new lands and can also prove to be a great learning experience. However if you are not well prepared, a trekking expedition can turn out to be a nightmare! The most important aspect to look at while preparing for an expedition is your agility and stamina.To build those, start spending at least an hour a day in the gym working with weights. You should also start taking long walks as well as running up and down flights of stairs. There are high chances that if you decide to trek through a jungle, the only means to reach their will be by river.

So you need to make sure that you are comfortable with river rafting. Bad weather isn’t that rare in most of the low-lying jungles and thunderstorms can prove to be a constant hindrance.Carrying raincoats, water proof boots and jackets and good quality nylon tents is effective in dealing with rains and storms. Carrying headlights and torches is extremely necessary as they help you to make your way out through darkness. Do not forget to carry water purifying tablets and plastic containers as they purify the water and make it fit for drinking.

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Consuming water directly from rivers with purifying it can lead to fatal diseases such as Diarrhea. In jungles, you are most likely to encounter hip-deep marshes of muck.Stepping onto muck can result in finding yourself stuck hip deep in a quicksand like material that seems to suck you in harder the more you try to free yourself.

The best way to avoid mucks is to carry a long stick and constantly poke it into the ground and if you identify a muck then taken another route. Wearing light clothing will help you survive the humidity of forests. Leeches are very common in jungles and you never know when one sticks to your back and starts sucking your blood.The best way to get rid of leeches is to sprinkle some rock salt over them or heat its skin with a lighter.

Ant bites and lagua flies can cause lots of inconvenience if not cured immediately. The best way to cure an ant bite is to take antihistamine. Carrying insect repellant also helps. Bee stings cause a lot of pain and trouble while trekking in jungles.

Applying antiseptic cream on the lump or taking antibiotics help to reduce the pain and remove the venom. Antiseptics also work well in curing thorn scratches. As you continue your expedition, your food resources will start depleting.

You might become tempted to eat the jungle fruits but make sure that you only eat known fruits and wash them thoroughly. Many of the jungle fruits are poisonous and can cause serious health problems. While camping at night-time, stay alert and look out for wild animals. If possible, try to keep a gun/pistol handy in case of emergency. It is only when you are well prepared to face the problems and dangers of trekking, that you’ll be able to enjoy it to the fullest. So all the aspiring explorers out there- get ready, get set and go!


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