The most important quality to a good neighbo Essay

Neighbors are people who live around us. Often people don’t get to choose who their neighbors are. There are so many different types of neighbors out there. There are some neighbors with good qualities and some neighbors with terrible ones. Three qualities that make a good neighbor are if they are, friendly mature and if they are social or not. Hopefully your neighbors have good qualities because you may not get to choose them.The most important quality to a good neighbor is if they are friendly. A friendly neighbor is a must, no one ever want a stuck up neighbor.

A friendly neighbor will always be easy to get along with, that means there will be no fights or anything to hurt your relationship with your neighbor. If your neighbor is friendly you will have no problem starting a conversation with them. A friendly neighbor is a must no one ever want and un- friendly neighbor.A mature and well-mannered neighbor is always a good quality neighbor.

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The way a neighbor acts shows a lot about them, they should act mature and well-mannered. Neighbors who are mature will know how to put on and appropriate party, so you don’t have to worry. You can tell if a neighbor has good qualities by what they do, if they are doing anything near stupid they are probably don’t have any good qualities Hopefully the neighbors in your community are mature and well-mannered.It’s always nice to have social neighbors who live by you. When you have social neighbors you may be invited to get to gathers and such thing they put on.

A nice thing is when you get to know your neighbor is down the road if there is anything you ever need help with they might be able to help you. If you have a social neighbor and you get to know them it can result in a lifetime friendship. A social neighbor is always a good neighbor.


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