The most sensitive issue in Malaysia is smoking

The most sensitive issue in Malaysia is smoking. There are different types of things to smoke for example vape, hookah, and cigarettes. Smoking is common problem in Malaysia which is killing people. Most people start this habit because of work stress and problems even though now days school students also start smoking because of bad people influence. Smoking cigarettes can become an addiction for peoples who are start smoking in young age. When someone smokes they not spoil only them their spoil the people who surrounded them too. There are three effect of smoking cigarettes which are human health, environment, and cost.

Firstly, smoking cigarettes will affect to a human health. There to are a lot of comparer within smoker and non-smoker. For examples smoker easily and faster will get diseases. Smoking harm everyone organ in the body some of these will affect immediately on different part of your body. The symptoms of the diseases your blood thick and sticky this will damage the blood vessel. It can increase your risk for cancer. According, Kandasamy (2015) Every year about 850 000 people having cancer cases related.

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Secondly smoking can cause environment towards the environment is cigarette smoking is capable of causing environment pollution. This occurs when toxic air pollutants are released into our atmosphere. It also causes animals and plants that absorb these toxic pollutants to be effected badly.The effect of smoking on environment are more serious it makes restricted to air pollution According Rinkesh (2018) producing of carbon dioxide 2.6 billion kilograms in atmosphere.

Lastly, cost of smoking cigarettes, is financially that we tend to waste our savings on cigarettes. For instance, rather than buying cigarettes daily, we should be able to save that money may come in handy for our health and or education According BMJ Journals (2011) parliament raised the minimum price further to RM20.00 per cigarette pack.

The conclusion of the effect of smoking cigarettes is bad for health and to the environment from the effect of human health, environment and cost. It can make the environment damaged in future generation as the population might be reduce due to smoking addiction. Smoking in young age will cause early death. As well as the government should take immediate action for instance like doing a campaign or an advertisement or any type of event regarding on smoking issues which can cause chronic effect for give knowledge on the environment and human health to avoid from to issue. Smokers have to put their effort to stop smoking. If people stop smoking most of the nicotine will clear from your body and the blood pressure will be stable.


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