The Narcotics Officer Essay

It was a sunny June morning and at 6:00 am Tony’s alarm rang to wake him up as he was starting his new position as a Narcotics Officer for the Metropolitan police in London. Tony Woke up next to his wife Shirley who was everything a man could ever wan’t in a wife, young, attractive and great to be around. Narcotics were big bussiness in the 1960’s and the police were fighting an uphill battle against the dealers to stop the spread of this new craze. He was very excited and ran a little late to meet his new partner in a caf� called the Rosebud, which happened to be just down the end of his road. All he new about his partner was that he was tall, black and known as Big Dave.

When Tony arrived at the caf� he was out of breath and was in desperate need of a drink. He started talking to Big Dave and was told that they would be working undercover on the streets of the city centre. Big Dave seemed a very likeable character and was very smooth with the ladies. Dave gave Tony a gun and told him

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“The guys out there don’t give a damn and don’t hesitate so you shouldn’t because it could cost us both our asses”. This was the first time that Tony had noticed that Big Dave didn’t seem like your average cop, and although Tony agreed to carry a gun he wasn’t to sure about whether he wanted to or not. Tony and Dave talked some more about life, why they became police officers and their interests. The clock hit 8 and they had to leave the caf� to start their day. They used Dave’s car, which was a pristine 58 Cadillac 2.5 litre in scarlet red with leather interior. This looked to Tony like the type of car he had dreamed of driving all his life and made him look up to Big Dave. As Dave turned the ignition of the car there was an awe of excitement in the atmosphere. The engine started with a roar that resembled the noise of a boy racers car.

As they left the caf� car park Big Dave told Tony that they were heading towards Hyde park where he had arranged to meet a dealer who he new sold heroin to kids. As they headed there Tony was warned

“You better be at your best because this one as this guy’s a little nasty”. The nerves started to set in as he had never dealt with anything more that rowdy youths or thief’s on his previous job patrolling the streets. As they arrived at Hyde Park for their first assignment of the day Tony swelled with emotions of fear, nerves, and also excitement. As they approached the drug dealer a small amount of doubt crept into Tony’s mind and he froze. Dave slapped him and told him to get himself together. As the Cannabis was passed to Tony, Dave slipped his police issue pistol out of his pocket and along with his badge showed them to the dealer. They then proceeded to escort the dealer to the car, take his gun and check him for more narcotics of which they found plenty off.

As they drove back to the station Dave stopped the car and allowed the dealer in the back to leave without a word. When Tony asked in an angry tone “why” he was told that “the streets will do 10 times worse to him than a court ever could”. This annoyed Tony but he accepted it as it was his first day and he wanted to keep everyone happy. This was the first time that Tony had noticed that Big Dave seemed more like a gangster than a cop and how he didn’t seem quite normal. As they drove around patrolling the streets, Dave explained that the guy they arrested could still deal from behind bar and if he was let lose then he would probably wind up in a wheelchair from which he couldn’t deal. Tony seen the sense in this but still wasn’t to sure


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