The Need and Importance of Educational Tours Essay

Educational tours are one of the main ways that we students can be drawn In to experience learning Immediately rather than by sitting In a classroom and read manuals.

Educational tour’s purpose Is to expose us student In real Industries, manufacturing companies wherein we learn some of their processes, system and workflow since not all students learn the same way. Some students are able to understand how something works only by seeing a hands-on demonstration or viewing the “real thing”.Educational tour gives us ideas likewise opportunities to visit different industries or manufacturing companies that may help us visualize what we re learning at school. On February 26, 201 5, the BAA 2 students held an educational tour in three selected companies namely: International Pharmaceutical Incorporated (PIP), Coca Cola Corporation and Proofed International Corporation. The educational tour started out as an escape from school for most of us students, bonding with friends, chance to unwind and of course, to learn new things and to gain knowledge and expertise at the same time that we may apply someday.First, we went to PIP.

When I enter to PIP, I noticed that It Is so quiet and well-guarded. There are so many extractions Like bringing camera, cellophanes and the like. Afterwards, we proceed to the convention room, there’s a short briefing about the history of PIP, little introduction of their products, and the company’s VIM (Vision, Mission, Goal) as well as a short video presentation. Unfortunately, we’re not given the chance to visit their plant where the liniments was made due to certain reason of avoiding unnecessary disturbance to the workers and to maintain proper hygiene.

But fortunately, they give us enough information regarding the company and its product. Basically, Pl started only single product which is Effacement Oil, established by the Wong and Castillo family. Also, Pl Is a manufacturing company and a distributor.

The Pl we visited Is actually the plant 1 wherein they manufactured the liniments and soap. We’re Just given the opportunity to watch and visit their soapier area. We saw there how the soap was being made from the “making process” up to packaging and since we’re not allowed to take some photos well Just keenly observed the machines responsible for processing the soap. Then, we don’t stay long in PIP, after we watch processing the tour guide send us to their small store where some Pill’s divulged


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