The need to belong Sample Essay

Strange is the fact that we insistently look for things that unite us. that are common.

But we are so similar! And at the same clip perfectly different. Possibly. that’s one of the paradoxes in human life. Close. and yet.

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in uninterrupted hectic hunt for facts that confirm this intimacy. It’s striking how strong this aspiration of adult male for company. for brotherhood and unity is. how lasting is our inherent aptitude for flight from solitariness. On this really demand.

the demand to belong. is based society. Everyone has experienced it – the solitariness. this overpowering feeling of being cast out. misunderstood or discriminated. Everybody has either been forced or has forced others ( consciously or non ) to accept the prevalent sentiment in company.

to do via medias. Otherwise one runs the hazard of remaining entirely. These are the most of import characteristics in human relationships – to be flexible. tolerant and able to do via media. They are besides the footing of a society with the aspiration for brotherhood. Without these characteristics there would be no society.But in us. as an unconscious reassurance prevails.

the tendency to attune the others to our mode. to enforce our stereotypes on them as if seeking to equalise the difference ( if it is possible ) exists. It is said “Loneliness kills” . In fact.

what aren’t we ready to make for the interest of our relationships in society? We can happen looks of the demand to belong everyplace around us. merely expression around. In the words for about every object. juncture. animal we find either the description or the beginning of the named “thing” . Take even our names. The first name identifies the person and his/her family name – the household.

the group of people to which this individual belongs. Let’s take an illustration: David Johnson is an American author. he was born in Chicago and lives at that place. The fore- and sur- names define the individual himself and his beginning – the household he comes from. Besides this adult male is a topic of the USA and a citizen of Chicago. Illinois.

Namely. he’s one of all the Americans life in Illinois. more decidedly in Chicago.And all people populating a topographic point. no affair whether it is a continent. a state. a metropolis. even a residential country.

they have something in common. This topographic point links them – the wonts at that place. the feelings they have towards it unite them. Furthermore.

David is a author. he belongs to the tremendous group of authors non merely in his state. but besides in the universe. He has something in common with all other authors. he may non portion their celebrity or bad luck or their thoughts.

but he has besides devoted his life to literature. So you see how society is formed from many sub-societies – groups of people holding something in common? And what is the decision? Though we are so different and alone. every one of us feels the demand to belong. It plays a really important function in our life – it is connected with individuality and designation. There are many facts that can turn out this statement. Let’s expression at another illustration – that of emigres: An African adult female marries an Italian and they both live and work in France. for case. Their kid is besides born at that place.

However. the kid in inquiry is neither Italian. nor African. and though it’s a topic of France and on paper is Gallic by nationality. the blood in his venas is non Gallic. So here’s the great job – individuality. Of class. in this peculiar instance it depends on the parents.

how they will convey up their kid. But the inquiry remains – who is this individual? Surely the statement that we’ve inherited this inherent aptitude from animate beings is non so astonishing – in wildlife the demand to belong to a certain group ensures the endurance of the species. It is related to self-preservation – the persons from the group defend and assist each other. Furthermore. merely like with animate beings our whole being. our relationships are wholly based on our demands and inherent aptitudes.

ne’er mind whether we’re aware of them or non. The demand to belong is related someway to the genitive inherent aptitude excessively. Who am I? Cipher as a portion of society – one of the many. but really an single with his/her ain features and typical characteristics.You are nobody when you don’t belong to a group and yet.

you’re no one without your ownerships either. With respect to this. ‘abilities’ are besides considered as a sort of ownership. Person may inquire.

” I have my belongings and my abilities. so why do I need the group? ” No 1 could populate entirely. No 1. Apart from the demand to belong.

worlds need to pass on every bit good. When we stop pass oning. when we cease to acquire in touch with the people around us. we lose trust in one another. And where there’s no trust.

there can be no common regard. No common regard – no society. Similarly there’s a position that the demand to belong is connected with unconscious frights and exposure. For case. one may easy pull strings us by endangering the “thing” we possess or love. the group to which we belong.

We all need safety. We can happen it merely as a portion of a group. Everybody needs person to love. to speak to. to dispute with ( and so do up ) .

sometimes merely to set an arm around your shoulder. We need to cognize that someplace there’s ever something. person. who needs us. person who listens and cares about us. That makes us experience stronger. somehow worthwhile and secure.

The group’s safety is our safety. That’s why we have to do our universe safer. so we’ll experience better in our several groups and that will assist us to last. No 1 can do it entirely. It’s merely one of the many Torahs of life.


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