The needs of ElectroMyCycle Essay

1. Explain why you think your design meets the demands of ElectroMyCycle?The design that ElectroMyCycle wanted to utilize was non a good thought so I removed the DMZ to procure my web server better. Alternatively of the DMZ we are traveling to utilize port send oning to the DNS to give user’s entree to the web waiter doing it more unafraid. 2.

List the major user communities for your design. Histories collectible. and receivable. Human resorts. gross revenues. and direction.

3. List the major information shops and the user communities for each information shop. The information waiter will be running in R.

A. I. D 5 with all thrusts hot swappable. the chief community that will be utilizing this is the Accounts collectible. and receivable with limited entree to gross revenues.

The application waiter will besides hold a big sum of usage with all users holding read entree as it will be hosting the higher output plans. Last the Web waiter will be focused on gross revenues and HR offering a limited secondary entree to the database waiter.4. Identify major web traffic flows in your web topology pulling. Come in from cyberspace to the DNS server the DNS waiter will direct it to the designated location so the web waiter will question the information base waiter and shop informations. 5.

How does your design provide security for ElectroMyCycle’s web? I will be making security in beds ; Firewalls. ACLS. Vlans.

security policies. Anti-virus. Physical security. port parking.

Monitoring package. 6. What inquiries will you inquire ElectroMyCycle about this undertaking as you do your work? The figure of terminal users. did you apportion for future growing. make you necessitate wireless capablenesss. would you necessitate future support.


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