The Not –So-Wonderful World of Euro Disney Essay

1. What factors contributed to Euro Disney’s hapless public presentation during its first twelvemonth of operation? What factors contributed to Hong Kong Disney’s hapless public presentation during its first twelvemonth?Answer:The major factors led Euro Disney’s hapless public presentation was the deficiency of cultural consciousness and market study. Euro Disney was built harmonizing to other American Disney Parkss without believing about the civilization difference. They used all American characters alternatively of French celebrated sketch characters. Alcohol was prohibited in the park where enjoy imbibing is a portion of local civilization. Costumiers needed breakfast while they downsized the breakfast supply cause they were informed mistakenly. Price policies were incorrect so that costumiers can non afford it.

Europeans career was non every bit long as Americans’ so they cut the hotel disbursal.In add-on. the transatlantic airfare went down do it cheaper to travel to Florida than costumiers go to Paris.

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Hong Kong was in a contrast state of affairs. Disney has done excessively much study to do it localised. But clients found that here was no difference with other Chinese amusement Parkss. The park is excessively little to do costumiers excited. Chinese visitants were non familiar with Disney’s Characters. so there were a batch of cultural price reduction.

2. To what degree do you see that these factors were ( a ) foreseeable and ( B ) controllable by Euro Disney. Hong Kong Disney. or the parent company. Disney?Answer:There are many factors that have been foreseen and governable by Euro Disney. The market study could uncover that Europe has local celebrated sketch character that they can take advantage of.

The length of the holiday is a factor that can be found easy every bit good. The study may besides seen that breakfast is of import for Europeans and the vino in European civilization is unreplaceable. The lone unforeseeable event should be the monetary value war between air hoses that fly the transatlantic flights.

3. What function does ethnocentrism play in the narrative of Euro Disney’s launch?Answer:The Disney introduced a whole American experience in marketing which based on domestic market. They though European people should respond as the people in USA and Japan. which is opposite.

Europeans proud of their civilization and Gallic see Euro Disney as American imperialism because they have their ain celebrated sketch characters. Besides. Europeans have shorter career than American people do so they will cut their hotel disbursal in the Parks. The attitude toward intoxicant and pets are besides different from America in France. In a word. Disney shouldn’t transport their experience based on USA and Japan to France because the civilization context are wholly different here.

4. How do you measure the cross-cultural selling accomplishments of Disney?Answer:Disney Company is really confident of their trade name and cultural selling scheme. They thought they could manage because they are truly successful in some states.

But Euro Disney is non such successful because of the Disney Company’s chesty attitude. They ignore the being of challenges in new environment. For illustration. Gallic like imbibing and they are proud of their civilization.

Disney was overpriced because in European economical position. it is difficult to incentive the clients. They predict wrongly in selling and they can non supply a better service and equipment. The company ignores the difference life value in different cultural environment. Gallic like resting. so on the job clip is besides a job.5. Why did success in Tokyo predispose Disney direction to be excessively optimistic in their outlooks of success in France? In China?Answer:Disney was successful in Japan.

They did non put much capital in Japan. But the success is unexpected. Disney tries to acquire the better public presentation when they invest to construct Disneyland in Paris. They regret non to be larger so this clip they made a immense loan from Gallic authorities. They ignored the people who are against their program. In China.

they besides need concern the civilization. budget and clients need. Japan is non common instance. Disney Company should see different states styles more before doing the scheme.6. Why do you believe the experience in France didn’t aid Disney avoid some of the jobs in Hong Kong?Answer:( 1 ) The cultural differences.

In both two topographic points. they made errors in transverse civilization issues. In France. they merely transplanted the American theoretical account into Pairs without sing the Gallic values. usage. In Hong Kong. they merely considered the Feng shui. which is a little portion of Chinese civilization.

They still ignore many of import features such as the circuit going. They can non avoid failure before they cognizing the Culture features in the whole image.
( 2 ) OverpricedPricing is besides a really of import issue.

Sing the economic sciences environment. euro and Hong Kong both are non really good to accept a high monetary value. ( 3 ) Selling steps undeserved Disney merely built up installations but they have their ain penchant so update new things and sketch such things are really of import.

They don’t have a whole apprehension in these two places’ civilizations.7. Now that Hong Kong Disney is up and running. will the Shanghai development benefit from the Hong Kong experience?Answer:Yes. we think that undertaking in Shanghai should profit from the Hong Kong experience. It is so similar civilization between Shanghai and Hong Kong. Learning from past errors.

Disney will take into consideration what the Chinese civilization wants. By go oning to make research and happen out what the mark audience wants to see. there is no uncertainty that Disney subject Parks is China will go on to be successful.8. Now that Disney has opened Hong Kong Disney and begun work on the Shanghai location. where and when should it travel next? Assume you are a adviser hired to give Disney advice on the issue of where and when to travel following. Pick three locations and choose the one you think will be the best new location for “Disneyland X. ” Discuss.

Answer:We think the new location include: Moscow. Russia. Mumbai.

India. Sydney. Australia.

All locations have big a big population and a respectable economic system in present twenty-four hours. We would urge get downing to construct at one of these locations within five old ages. Moscow. Russia is the celebrated metropolis in the universe. and have a nice economic system. big population. If the subject park would been completed. Disney should alter the strategic signifier larning the errors in Paris.

The park in Moscow will pull the population inEurope—especially east Europe. Mumbai. India would be my pick to construct a new Disney because of the really big population non merely in Mumbai.

but besides in environing countries. As we know that Indian have a acute involvement in the American civilization. Another 1. Sydney. Australia is a good pick. The Disney narratives and fairy tales wouldn’t truly hold to be translated into another linguistic communication since most of Australia speaks English and would be slightly familiar with Disney characters and such.9. Given your pick of locale Ten for the newest Disneyland.

what are the operational deductions of the history of Euro Disney and Disney Hong Kong for the new park?Answer:( 1 ) Before constructing a new subject park in a topographic point. Disney demand to research the past civilization and history. They have to cover with the civilization struggle. For illustration: the early advertizement of Hong Kong Disney ; they created an image of two parents and two kids basking the park. but it was rapidly brought to their attending that most twosomes that visited the subject park were limited to merely hold one kid by the China authorities. Small errors like this when planing.

edifice. and marketing new Disney subject Parkss will be avoided by larning more about the history and civilization of that peculiar state or country. Hiring people who know and understand the civilization to construct and market Disney’s subject Parkss would be the best thought for Disney. ( 2 ) Making mark market researching in the early clip.( 3 ) Analysis and to the full understand the demands of the market. ( 4 ) Searching assorted external factors and analysis the possible influence which will consequence the possible undertaking most.10. Think frontward to 2020 and assume the unsmooth political relations and force of the MENA part settle down well.

Where would be the best location for a Disney park in that part? Defend your pick.Answer:We think the following Disney in MENA is Dubai. Dubai is the most popular metropolis and emirate in the United Arab Emirates. Nowadays. Dubai has become a planetary metropolis and a concern and civilization centre. As the rapid economic growing and the influence of United States.

people have realized the Disney and its characters. Stable political environments besides provide a possibility to develop the cultural industry. So Dubai will be the following pick to construct Disney.


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