The Notebook Essay

Two young kids in love, but is it allowed? She’s a very rich proper daddy’s girl and he is a poor boy who grew up in the streets but love has struck between them and nobody could stop that, or could they. Mom says he is just a poor boy who makes 40 cents an hour and would never be able to provide for her and she is only 17 what does she know about love, but he promises her a good life and always to give her what she wants. As their summer romance goes on and they start to plan their future mommy and daddy decide its time to move as heart breaking as it is what could she do.

She moves on with her life slowly but surly and he tries to do the same but for 365 days straight he wrote to her without a single reply. He builds the dream house she wanted and a lot of people were willing to buy it but he would never sell it, it meant way too much to him. Allie begins to work as a nurse in the army base and meets a man who promises he’s taking her on a date when he recovers. He finally see’s her out on the street and they start their long journey of love. Her parents love him, he’s everything they want rich, and a good man and can give her a great life.

They plan to get married when all of sudden Noah appears in the paper with her dream house. She has to go see him so she takes off, finds Noah and it’s like they pick up right where they left off He’s in love she’s in love and everyone’s happy but wait she has a fiance. But she must choose, her 1st love or the man she thinks she loves now and her parents are crazy about. Allie decides that her love for Noah is too strong to let go, and she decides to begin her life with Noah knowing that it will not be easy it is going to be a long fight and struggle everyday but its worth it.

The movie then flashes to the present where Noah is reading their love story to her and they are both sitting in an old folk home where they take care of the sick or needy. Allie wrote if I ever leave you read our love story to me and I shall come back to you again. Turns out she has Alzheimer’s, a very serious disease of the brain that causes problems with memory, thinking and behavior. Memory is our ability to store and retrieve information, seeing how Alzheimer’s causes problems with memory; Allie’s ability to store and retrieve information is impaired.

It is said we have 3 stages of memory, Sensory Memory, Working Memory, and Long Term Memory. All stages of memory begin with encoding. Sensory Memory registers incoming information allowing your brain to capture big pictures for a brief moment like a crowd of people. Short Term Memory we begin to encode important stimuli, pieces that stick out to us for a period of time. And finally Long Term Memory if you look at an object for a long enough time and you encode the image you will be able to store and remember this picture and also be able to recall this image at a later time.

Encoding is also a big step in our memory process, its actually the first step we take in the memory process; some information is automatically processed as in you do not have to think about it, it is just something you know. For example you know how to brush your teeth, you do not have to think about it you were just taught and now it is a daily thing you can just do without thinking about the process of it. New information is a little different if you are learning a new language it takes some practice to store this information. Effortful learning typically requires rehearsal and repetition.

The more time you practice something on day 1 the less you will have to practice on day 2. Another concept involved with memory is chunking, which is the act of organizing items into familiar, manageable units this typically happens automatically. When processing information there are 3 things that occur encoding; the process of information into the memory system, Storage; the retention of encoding over time, Retrieval; the process of getting information out of the memory storage. Any time you are in a stressful or high emotional situation you are more likely to remember those events because of the environment you were in.

Then there is the Explicit Memory, which refers to facts and experiences that one can consciously know and declare, and the EImplicit Memory, which involves learning an action while the individual, does not know or declare what she knows. There are many parts of the brain that are connected with the memory function including the Hippocampus, which is a neural center in the limbic system that processes explicit memories. Our Explicit memory refers to facts and experiences that one can consciously know and declare.

Cerebellum that acts as a neural center in the rear of the brain that processes implicit memories. Our Implicit memory involves learning an action while the individual does not know or declare what she knows. The act of retrieving a specific memory from the web of associations, you must first active one of the strands that leads to it which is known as Priming. Alzheimer’s Disease deals with the ability to remember things and recall previous memories, when we forget things it’s our inability to retrieve information due to poor encoding, storage, or retrieval.

When information is not encoded we do not remember it. Also, poor durability of stored memories leads to their decay. In the movie The Notebook Allie has a very hard time remembering things, even things you think you would never forget like your kids, or the fact that your married. In the scene when Noah and Allie are outside and he is reading the love story to her their kids arrive and Allie has no relocation as to which they are, she acts as if she is meeting them for the 1st time. You can clearly tell she is confused and beside her self when meeting these people.

This scene clearly shows an inability to retrieve information due to poor encoding, storage, or retrieval. This scene also shows that although the information is retained in the memory store, it may not be accessible. Noah and Allie are dancing together and she is remembering the good times they had and reminiscing in all the olden days when suddenly and abruptly she completely forgets where she is who Noah is why they are dancing and why he is touching her, she become frightened and very scared.

Her defense mechanisms go up in flames immediately, this is all because of the Alzheimer’s that has just had a brief attack, which causes people to become lost, confused or even flustered in familiar places or with familiar people. The Notebook is a great psychology movie to use when you want to talk about memory and how the brain acts when the memory functions are impaired. Memory is a huge function that our brain performs and the fact that something so serious could take away our memory is shocking.


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