The Old Guitarist Essay

Pablo Picasso was born in 1881 in an highly helter-skelter epoch of clip. The Industrial Revolution. Darwinism and Marxism ran society ; these three factors affected art and created a new epoch called Modernism. Post- Impressionist and Symbolist creative persons influenced Picasso’s manner most. The Symbolist ideals played a immense portion and influenced Picasso’s painting The Old Guitarist. Symbolist creative persons preferred subjective and inventive topics ; these topics were normally adopted from the artist’s emotions. dreams and spiritualty. Made in 1903. The Old Guitarist is an oil picture by Pablo Picasso. The picture depicts a hunched over old unsighted adult male with lacerate vesture playing a guitar on the street.

At the clip of The Old Guitarist’s creative activity a new motion called Expressionism emerged which influenced Picasso’s manner every bit good. Picasso’s hapless criterion of life and the self-destruction of one of his closest friends influenced his manner of art work into what is called his Blue Period. Picasso’s Blue Period lasted from 1901 to 1904 and expressed in level blues. Greies. inkinesss and a down scene. The colour strategy of The Old Guitarist eliminates light and the usual joy of Picasso’s altering of colourss. It is level. planar. and the bluish colour creates a tragic. dark and sorrowful subject. it is instead dejecting to look at. Some say the lone ground why Picasso’s Blue Period came along was because he could non afford any other colourss. but that can be argued with.

The adult male depicted in the picture looks like he has no life. he looks to be stateless and may be near to decease. He is seeking to cover his wretchedness and happen comfort in his music. The big brown guitar is the halfway piece in this picture ; it physically fills up most of the infinite on this canvas. It is the focus piece of the guitar player and the viewing audiences. The guitar is besides the lone alteration in colour ; the guitar has a alteration of colour into a dull brown instead than blue like the remainder of the picture. The guitar is the man’s merely hope for endurance. if he is so stateless that guitar may be all he has to do money for nutrient and other necessities in life. Music is a manner to show emotion ; the adult male portions his solitariness with other through playing music.


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