The outcome of the project and the novel is that

The outcome of the project and the novel is that, Hannah could not show or confess her love before her death and her situation did not allow her to. But through Hannah’s story Clay comes to know about the sufferings of not confessing the truth and not being expressive. So, Clay tries to be expressive later. After listening to the tapes, Clay finally understands why Hannah took her own life. He is filled with grief but learns from her story. The next day at school, he skips classes to reach out to Skye Miller, another girl who is showing signs of social avoidance and unhappiness. Clay works to end the cycle of selfishness and misunderstandings that led to Hannah’s suicide and he decides that nobody else should be pushed to Hannah’s situation. The author paints the picture of the modern society through this novel. The sufferings of a teen girl in the modern society is depicted through the character of Hannah Baker.


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