The Pedestrian Sample Essay

This essay will concentrate on the recent short narrative we read in category. “The Pedestrian” written by writer Ray Bradbury. I will take to analyze assorted countries.

but chiefly the struggle between the single supporter. Leonard Mead. and the adversary of society in general. Furthermore. I will look over assorted techniques used by the writer and refer to facets such as secret plan. word picture. scene and linguistic communication.This short narrative commences with the chief character.

the person. Leonard Mead. Mead extracted in this narrative as a non-conformist. went out for a walk every dark. However. the dark ended instead queerly ensuing in an apprehension by the constabulary. The constabulary imprisoned him for bing as a non-conformist and took him to the Psychiatric Centre for Research on Regressive Tendencies.

Leonard Mead. antecedently an writer has no purpose to be a non-conformist. he merely walks because he enjoys it. He is the Supporter. where his opposition is society. Mead lives on his ain.

as he is non married and enjoys walking.For illustration. Ray Bradbury remarks that: -“Sometimes he would walk for hours and stat mis and return merely at midnight to his house” .This quotation mark helps us to underscore the thought that Leonard Mead is an stray character. taking a really different life from the remainder of society.

by walking out at dark for the last 10 old ages.Writer. Ray Bradbury elucidates the fact that Leonard Mead was non a nefarious adult male by citing: -“For long ago he sagely changed to gym shoes when sauntering at dark. because the Canis familiaris in intermittent squads would parallel his journey with barkings if he wore difficult heels. and visible radiations might snap on and faces appear and an full street be startled by the passing of a solitary figure.

himself. in the early November evening” .This quotation mark highlights the fact that this character was a sympathetic and considerate individual. who was out non to harm anyone. Yet. it besides shows his involuntariness to be seen by others.

However. the first mark of struggle in this narrative approaches us. The undermentioned quotation mark shows how critical Mead was towards the conformists and telecasting.

For illustration:“Whats up this evening. on channel four. impart seven and impart nine? ”Leonard Mead talked to the houses because he felt that he was more likely to acquire a response from them than the people indoors.

This proved society had lost the ability to pass on. This emphasises how critical Mead was towards people. and how telecasting has taken over their life.

He believes people in this metropolis. of America have lost their ability to pass on or take portion in different activities.Furthermore.

the following mark of struggle which Ray Bradbury makes mentions to are the assorted images which refer to decease and decay. This short narrative was set in a metropolis. in America. during the dark and deteriorated winter. The writer continues this thought of decease and decay by organizing a figure of images with metaphors in a row: such as “graveyards” and “scarab-beetles” . For illustration. this quotation mark refers to images associating to cemeteries:“It was non unequal to walking through a cemetery where merely the faintest gleams of fire visible radiation appeared in sparks behind the windows” .The quotation mark mentioned above makes usage of an drawn-out metaphor.

as it lists a figure of metaphors used to depict the images of decease and decay. which in this instance is the cemetery. The intent of this technique is to foreground. and demo what the writer is seeking to state the reader. Another good metaphor: “scarab-beetles” was besides exploited by the writer.

This metaphor emphasised the overall form of vehicles and the motions. For case: autos appeared like beetles. which kept near together. and scurried around.By contrast. the 3rd mark of struggle occurs when Mead was detained by the constabulary under intuition for oppugning.

The constabulary ask him assorted inquiries and are shocked that he leads a different life. The constabulary auto inquiries Leonard Mead with intuition. for illustration:“No profession’ . said the constabulary auto in a metallic whisper” .This showed that the profession which Mead thought he had ( author ) was now non-existent in the twelvemonth. 2053 A.

D.Possibly. the chief mark of struggle was the apprehension of Mead. and the significance of the constabulary auto. Mead’s eventual apprehension was for being a non-conformist and taking a different life. He was taken to the Psychiatric Centre for Research on Regressive Tendencies. This was a Centre where scientists carried out trials on patients. as an effort to alter the persons from non-conformists to conformists.

In other words. for people who communicated or lived life as in the yesteryear. The constabulary force in 2053 had been shortened from three autos to one. due to a lessening in offense rates.

ensuing from last old ages elections. The internal construction of the constabulary auto required no human signifier. The constabulary autos wholly comprised of advanced computing machine systems. leting the auto to pass on with people electronically. The interior of this auto was like a small cell.

or a small black gaol with bars. The writer remarks the interior of the auto as:“It smelled of riveted steel” .“It smelled of rough antiseptic” .“It smelled excessively clean and difficult metallic” .

Ray Bradbury makes usage of repeat in order to underscore the fact the auto smelled of miscellaneous aromas. The miscellaneous aromas within the auto were of import. because. it was unpleasant. clinical and did non truly hold a aroma to place it with.

In add-on. the stoping of this narrative indicated the last mark of struggle. I found the stoping of this narrative pessimistic. as people should hold the right to take a walk. after all no injury is being caused. I consider society to hold won this struggle between the person and society.

In decision. the short narrative ; “The Pedestrian” . written by Ray Bradbury. allows the reader to overrun upon the great item of how living life in the twelvemonth 2053 AD alterations dramatically.

The writer makes huge usage of assorted techniques such as similes. metaphors and repeat to turn to a point to the audience. the readers.

Personally. I feel the message which Ray Bradbury tries to direct towards the reader is merely a warning that if society continues the manner it is traveling. the consequences protrayed in this narrative could shortly go world. Therefore. Ray Bradbury tries to promote the reader to alter their manner of life.


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