The Positive Effects of Teenage Pregnancy and its Prevention Sample Essay

Not every adolescent gestation is unpleasant and sorry. Harmonizing to a narrative by a adolescent female parent name Mag. in “Who Would Have Believed” says that her life manner alteration dramatically after she discovered that she was pregnant. Before that. she was a “rebel” . traveling out imbibing. doing her parents mad. and merely like many other teens. she was difficult to command at the age of 14. While dating. Mag became pregnant at the age of 15. Discovered the flooring new. Mag stopped imbibing. became really responsible by taking good attention of her unborn kid and when her kid came into the universe. Mag was ever at that place for her boy. After the birth of her boy. Mag continued her schooling and graduated from high school. With the support of her fellow. they were quiet fiscal stalls. Mag went on working a portion clip occupation and enrolled in a two old ages college. Six old ages subsequently. Mag became a mature lady finished her two old ages college and now inscribing in a university seeking for a calling. Now at the age of 20. Mag won her parent’s regard by her achievements and duties (

Great figure of adolescent parents agreed that bearing a kid teaches them great duties. Duties here are non altering nappies or altering the baby’s apparels but maintaining the kid healthy and supply the particular demands for the kid. Adolescent parents besides agreed that bearing a kid supply them higher ego esteem. give them more assurance in determination devising. reaches adulthood at a higher degree and a really ambitious life. These positive assurances added up to number out the stressful. emotionally. and physically draining clip that they experienced. If Mag did non bear that kid. she would still be out imbibing and still populate the life that she had ever lived. Having that kid was the manner out of the long dark route that was waiting for her.

With the intensifying figure of adolescent gestation in the United States. many bar plans such as. “Project Taking Charge” . “Girls Incorporated Preventing Adolescent Pregnancy Program. “Just Say No” . and many more are working together to cut down the figure of adolescent gestation ( Monahan. 4 ) . The chief ends on these plans are to diminish sexual activity. increase the usage of preventives. take downing the prenuptial gestation. bettering wellness results at birth of the kid. and increasing high school completion rates among adolescent parents ( Monahan. 3 ) . These plans use different techniques such as working in little group treatments. community service. sex instruction. workshops. communicating and many more. These techniques were designed to better self-pride. cut down peer force per unit area. and learn the value that sex should be confined to marriage ( Monahan. 4 ) . As the consequence of the plans. 15 % of adolescent gestation was worsening.

Research workers believed that “abstinence Teachs pupils the cardinal life lessons of ego – control. self – subject. and hold of ego – satisfaction. which can assist cut down the figure of teens pregnancies” ( Ed. Auriana Ojeda. 113 ) . Besides. traditional sex instruction aid reduced the figure of adolescent gestation ( Ed. Auurianan Ojeda. 134 ) .

Another major teenage gestation combatant is Joycelyn Elbers. a sawboness general whom used to work under President Clinton. During one interview. Elber says. “sex is good. sex in fantastic. It’s a normal portion and healthy portion of our being. whether it is homosexual or heterosexual” ( Neff. 1 ) . But worried about the figure of adolescent kid bearing. Elbers came up of an thought to take down the figure of adolescent kid bearing and turn to the populace in an AIDS conference by saying. “masturbation was a portion of human gender. and it’s portion of something that possibly should be taught” ( Neff. 1 ) . Did non acquire a opportunity to set her thought into learning. Elbers was asked to vacate by president Clinton after her address. Overall. surveies show that the figure of adolescent gestation in the United States have been worsening. yet it remains the highest figure in the universe.


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