The Power of Modern M

The Power of Modern M.A.F.I.A
Student name: Namgay Rinchen
Student ID: jc487939
University: James Cook University
Subject: The Changing Business Environment (LB5228)
Lecturer: Dr. Ian Kirkwood.

The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data. Considering the first sentence as the Premise for the essay, the discussion will be based on the Power of modern M.A.F.I.A (Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Intel and Alphabet). Mafia as a word was originated in the United States, and is used for an organized crime syndicate whose primary activities are related to racketeering, arbitration of disputes, and overlooking of the illegal agreements and transactions. This definition of Mafia has been transformed acknowledging the dominance of these 5 players in the tech world. Each and every organization is disrupting the set universe and by the virtue of tech innovation benefiting the lives the people across the globe. As a whole, all the organizations are working individually and collectively developing positive synergies to bring a transformation in the world, and make the lives of customer, SIMPLER.

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Microsoft, primarily an Information technology company founded by visionary Philanthropist Bill Gates is known all over the world for its high tech software and its contribution to the tech world. Nobody has still forgotten the raging war between Apple and Microsoft to reach the zenith of business growth. Microsoft despite being present in other areas such as computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers and many more, at its heart is still a Software company (Willett, 2018). One of the recently launched products of Microsoft, XBOX posed a significant challenge for the legendary video gaming product PlayStation. Its newly launched tablet, Microsoft Surface is giving a tough fight to the Apple’s Ipad and other competitor’s. Thus, Microsoft has created a good dominance to both the hardware and the software industry and creating products and services which are highly innovative and futuristic in the vision (Campbell-Kelly, 2018). Additionally, the company is focussing on its acquisition strategy to widen its scope of product and services. At the very present, Microsoft is the market leader in the operating systems (OS) and rapidly climbing the charts in the category of consumer electronics as well. Few of the biggest reasons, which are responsible for the growth of Microsoft, are; Effective and efficient leadership, first movers advantage, futuristic vision and a knack for spotting the futuristic trends (O’Regan, 2018). These are some of the reasons which make Microsoft extremely powerful and support its entry into the formidable team of M.A.F.I.A

Apple, one of the closest rivals of Microsoft and a company which gave Bill Gates much sleepless night before Steve jobs (CEO and Founder of Apple) and Bill Gates reached a conclusion on the patented product. Apple is an American Multinational Company headquartered in Cupertino specializes in designing, developing and selling of consumer electronics, software and other types of online services. IPhone’s, IMAC, IPod, Apple TV are some of the revolutionary product which transformed and disrupted the entire hardware industry and set newer goals for its competitors, while also serving as a source of motivation to hundreds and thousands of start-ups and other companies(Qin et. al., 2018). The company which was started in the back of the Garage by two friends Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniac is the largest company in terms of revenues. It recently crossed the much talked about USD 1 Trillion Mark in the last month. Apple was one company which ousted the then Mobile phone market leader Nokia and gave to world a whole new Operation System of IOS in the form of its first IPhone in the year 2003. The company saw various ups and down in its journey, starting from the failure of LISA and other products, removing the founder and CEO Steve Jobs from the company and years of product failure and revenue losses(Levy, 2018).

It was the inherent ability of the company to bounce back, and the inspiration and the vision of Steve Jobs which turned the table of Apple and made it one of the most profitable companies on planet earth. Apple is riding high on its innovation; the company has innovation labs where thousands of talent working in the tech division are burning the midnight oil to come up with most innovative Products. Apple has the highest number of Brand loyalists, majority of who are the first adopters of its product. People have high degree of association with Apple, and they try to inculcate the values of Apple into their own personal lives. Every single year the company is upping the level of innovation by its exemplary products, software, services and its vision for a better world (Crooks, 2018). Thus, Apple is one of the largest and the strongest team member of the modern day M.A.F.I.A and it would be really interesting to see how the company flairs under the leadership of Tim Cook in the coming years.

Akin to Microsoft and Apple, the birth and rise of Facebook is exemplary as well. Facebook can be easily termed as the biggest invention of the decade and most certainly one of the biggest drivers for the transformation in the business environment, and most definitely one of the companies which has earned the love and respect of people across the globe (Rein ; Venturini, 2018). Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg in his hostel room and was officially launched for the public in the year 2004. Social media, before Facebook was not so developed, advanced, popular and useful. People across the globe were using various social media platforms, but the platforms were not exploited by business. It was the vision of Mark Zuckerberg, and his desire to create something extra ordinary which helped in making Facebook one of the largest companies in the world, and most definitely a market leader in Social media (Barquero et. al., 2018).

Facebook is not only a platform to make friends, but it is a platform which has far greater utility. The platform can be used by business organization to promote their product, create brand awareness, selling and buying, creating engagement with the target customers, creating metrics to bucket the customers and many more. The development and growth Facebook has shown in its tenure is beyond commendable. The acquisition of Instagram and Whatsapp is an indication that the company is unstoppable and will keep innovating to create a utopian society (Hoffmann, Proferes ; Zimmer, 2018). It would have been really surprising if Facebook would not have made into the cut of the modern day M.A.F.I.A

Intel is the oldest company in the list of M.A.F.I.A as was founded in the year 1968. The Santa Clara based company is the second largest and the second highest valued semiconductor chip maker in the world (Oh, 2018). The company was a market leader until Samsung went ahead in the race to become the current market leader. The company is known for its microprocessors, which is also known as the heart of modern day computers, the company’s processors are found in Apple, HP, Dell and Lenovo. It is the power these processors infuse into the computer devices which is effective in managing the communication and computing world across the Globe (Dechamps & Niels, 2018)
The name of the company was conceived as portmanteau of the words integrated and electronics and was the founder and inventor of Integrated circuit. The company despite having many competitors is still the most reliable name in the semiconductor manufacturing. Hadn’t been the microprocessors of Intel, the world would have not reached the place it is at the present moment (Mazza, 2018). Thus, Intel is a great choice and certainly a deserving one to be a part of the modern day M.A.F.I.A

The last, but most definitely the strongest player in the modern day M.A.F.I.A, Alphabet is driving innovation on the foundation of its strong technical background, visionary approach, hard- working and determined employee and a culture which fosters creativity and innovation. Alphabet is the parent company of Google, which the largest search engine is accounting for over 74% of the web searches. Alphabet is into other businesses as well, such as Mobile computing, communication and collaborative tools, hardware, software, augmented reality, consumer devices and much more(Han ; Hawken, 2018). The company which was founded by Larry Page and Sergy Bin is one of most innovative company in the world. It has beaten all its competition such as Yahoo, Hotmail and others, and is set to become one of the most advanced and profitable company in the world. The biggest company of Alphabet, Google is not only contributing in the success of its parent company, but is most definitely creating solutions which is helping the other members of modern M.A.F.I.A to innovate and push the ecosystem of technological services, products and solution(Sales, et. al., 2018).

The only surprise from the modern day M.A.F.I.A list is absence of Amazon from the list. Besides Amazon, there is no other company who could become a part of this list. The best part about all these companies are that they all have a vision for the future, all the companies are innovative, all the companies have positive and transformational leaders who are willing to give in all for the growth of the community, society and the organization and most importantly all these companies create and innovate for the future with complete conviction. All these companies are working in a syndicate and use the technology and collaboration to create the most powerful products and solution for the world. These companies are called the modern day M.A.F.I.A because they are controlling the largest wealth and technology in the entire world. Hadn’t been this M.A.F.I.A in existence, the lives of people would still be revolving around Pen and Paper.

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