The Power of Psychedelics Essay

Psychedelics drugs are the most powerful drugs known to mankind. These drugs create an altered reality that transcends normal consciousness. It causes the user to have a strong sense of self, sense of ego, “I” and “me”, and lasts from 8 to 10 hours. The set and setting play a huge role in whether the user has a good or bad trip. For example the set would be the mental state of a person brings to the experience, such as thoughts, moods and expectations. The ‘setting’ would be considered the physical and social environment while taking the drug.

These drugs if monitored correctly can bring great results, such as the information given to us by the MAPS organization or any college research. There is a large organization called MAPS, which stands for Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies. They were founded in 1986 and are a nonprofit research and education organization that research benefits for careful use of psychedelics. Their only funds come from donations and on their website “www. maps.

org, they have many experiments and results. This first research and study was focused on users that had post-traumatic stress disorder.There is an article by Harriet McLeod, “Researchers Say Form of Ecstasy May Heal Combat Trauma”, show studies of MDMA, also known as Ecstasy, “the party drug”, and may help war veterans who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. A little background on MDMA is that it was developed by a German pharmaceutical company in 1912 for possible use as an appetite suppressant, but it was never tested on humans until the 70’s. It acts as a simulant, but at high enough dosage it has psychedelic effects. What is most common to describe the drug is the feeling of euphoria.Those who have taken this drug state that it makes them feel loving, open, and closer to others.

Though these may not some harmful, there are also side effects, these consist of dehydration, rapid heartbeat, tremors, muscle tension, and high body temperatures. A psychiatrist and his wife, a nurse, whose names are Dr. Michael Mithoefer and Ann Mithoefer claim that their studies have found the psychoactive stimulant decreases fear and defensiveness while increasing trust in those who take it as part of a therapy program. (McLeod) According to Dr. Mitheofer, over 300 military personnel’s have contacted him seeking help.What I found very interesting what he said in article, “MDMA “does cause some euphoria.

But for people with PTSD, it can be pretty intense anxiety as well,” he said. “You need to have the support there. This is not a take-home medicine. ” I chose this quote because if these drugs are monitored and the patients are given the right dosage, good results will appear. Dr. Mithoefer is an assistant professor in the Medical University of South Carolina, in the department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. He conducted a protocol for MDMA-assisted therapy on patients that had trauma, in 2001.Years later in 2010 he published his results and the results of his experiment were outstanding.

“He found that after two months of treatment, more than 80 percent of the patients, including rape victims and a veteran, no longer qualified for a PTSD diagnosis. ” (McLeod) The fact that MDMA has the ability to cure over 80 percent of his patients is huge. The way this study worked is that the patient travels to the treatment center and treatment lasts from five to eight months. Tests are conducted in order to remove any patients that do not qualify due to cardiovascular problems or mental illnesses.Each patient is given doses of MDMA under surveillance of Dr.

Mitheofer and his wife. “Those who suffer from PTSD often can’t sleep, have nightmares, isolate themselves emotionally and avoid “anything that reminds them of Iraq,” including crowds, fireworks or overpasses, Ann Mithoefer said. ” (McLeod) With the use of MDMA studies show that it helps the brain learn to process traumatic memories without having to become overwhelmed by the fear of emotion. It allows the user to be not be afraid of fear, like one user said, “It’s changed my relationship to my emotions. ” Psychedelics also can help alcoholism.For alcoholism, researchers tested LSD on the users and gather results.

A study presented in the Journal of Psychopharmacology, focused on data from 6 trials of over 500 patients. The results were expected; alcohol abuse was decreased and lasted many months after the drug was taken. There are many benefits of using LSD compared to the dangers when used in correct dosages. An example would be the research done at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology analyzed earlier studies of LSD during 1966 through 1970.

This was an experiment conducted with patients that were in the alcohol treatment group. The only difference is that one roup was given one dose of LSD. The results are large; the group that was given the LSD 59% of them showed reduced levels of misuse of alcohol compared to the 38% of the non-users. This drug reduced the levels by over by 21 percent, and boosts the reduce level over to nearly 60%. Although the results only lasted about year, all of this was because of one single dose of LSD.

Imagine if these patients were given more regular doses, it could even last longer. “Given the evidence for a beneficial effect of LSD on alcoholism, it is puzzling why this treatment approach has been largely overlooked,” they added. (Robert).

Professor David Nutt, from the UK has been trying to calm the laws that effect illegal drugs in order to produce more research in a better “relaxed” environment. “Curing alcohol dependency requires huge changes in the way you see yourself. That’s what LSD does.

” All of this research done on alcoholics have shown nothing but positive effects and like what Professor David Nutt said, LSD changes the way you see yourself. Professor David Nutt published research about the effects of psilocybin, which is the active ingredient in magic mushrooms. His test on 30 healthy volunteers showed that brain activity has decreased in certain regions.With this research, scientists believe that psilocybin may be a solution for the early stages of schizophrenia.

UCLA psychiatrist Charles Grob found that critically ill cancer patients who took psilocybin experienced “psychospiritual epiphanies” and often achieved “sustained improvement in mood and anxiety as well as diminished need for narcotic pain medication. ” (Valeo, 2011) Those who have taken the drug have a whole different perspective of life. Cancer is everywhere, and if those patients could just get a dose of a psychedelic, the would take it in a different perspective, a better one.In conclusion, psychedelics may be the strongest drugs known to man, but the things they are capable of are worth the research. These drugs, LSD, MDMA and mushrooms are drugs that can be monitored and if given the right doses can do good things. The main point being that the drugs must be taken in the right set, setting and also must be monitored by doctors.

Each research study stated before have found great results, from being able to get rid of Post-traumatic stress disorder, alcoholism, and even opening the minds of ill cancer patients.What amazes me the most is that the patients in the research most or not all only had a few dosages of the drug. Like those researches stated, if they were given regular doses, the percentage of success would be huge. As of now, most, if not all organizations are getting funds from donations.

All of these researchers need funding and for government to realize that these psychedelic drugs are not bad. I personally believe everyone should be able to try a real psychedelic at least once in their lifetime, because LSD changes the way you see yourself.


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