The pressure groups can be categories as interest groups

The pressure groups can be categories as interest groups. A Pressure group is an organization which tries to influences the government in some ways. They don’t try to empower themselves but instead, they use those in power to fulfill their desire or promote their own interest. Interest groups play a vital role in the United States, and to the extent, the idea is acknowledged throughout the world. Pressure groups are also an important group in American politics and they provide the link between the people and the government. Interest groups have an impact on the political environment in which groups operate. As a result, these interest groups play an effective proportion in the larger political context. The paper will analyze the potential policy impact of interest group and its relationship to democracy. The research thesis will explain if these interest groups strengthen or weaken democracy in the USA? The argument is that pressure groups strengthen democracy in the USA by making democracy better and encourage political participation and at the same time the counter-argument is that pressure groups also weaken the democracy in the USA by controlling the government indirectly.
In America democracy, the pressure groups support the beliefs of certain people; especially if they represent a minority of people within a community by trying to make the democracy look better. According to Carl (2015), he is a Christian theologian and church historian. He was Professor of Historical Theology and Church History at Westminster Theological Seminary. He explains that pressure groups do not seek to have political power directly in the government office, but instead, they try to influence legislation by pressuring the public opinion and the participant on congressional hearings and also get the attention of the government on a specific area of concern. Pressure groups in America, make democracy looks better because they are the well-organized body of individuals who share a common goal and who also try to include in the public policy. According to Richard (N.D), he is Emeritus Professor of Political Science and Public Policy at the University of Northern Iowa, served as Professor of Political Science and as the Director of the Graduate Program of Public Policy. He also mentions the importance of Pressure groups how the strengthen and make democracy looks better because they are one of an important mechanism through which citizens in the United States get their concept, ideas, needs, and viewpoint before electing a government official into the government office. The ideologies of citizens finding this interest groups to join are because these interest groups focus on the citizens’ concerns. In addition, according to Carl (2015), he further stated that nowadays many pressure groups usually appoint a candidate for office, raising campaign funds, get workers, and the involvement of the general public to vote for their congressional candidate. This statement shows that pressure groups strengthen the USA democracy by using their influences to get the engagement of the public for the betterment of democracy. In conclusion, the pressure groups support the beliefs of certain people in America democracy; especially if they represent minority of these people within a community by trying to make the democracy look better because these pressure groups understand the interest of the common people concern and they try to actualize their needs, goals by making sure that they involve in freedom of democracy to make it look better.
Interest groups offer individuals an important path for encouraging political participation. The opportunities for participation of interest groups encourage them to vote, campaign, contacting lawmakers and creating public awareness about the causes of a country situation. According to political scientists Jeffrey Berry and Clyde Wilcox (N.D), they explain that interest groups provide the ideology to represent the interest of the common people and to serve as a connection between them and government. These interest groups engagement to participate make people to actively work on the issue in an effort to influence the general public policy. In addition, helping citizen participation increase the opportunities for ordinary citizens to be engaged in the decision-making process in the US political democracy participation. Therefore, interest group participation encourages a better understanding of strengthening America democracy and also offer the opportunity to participate in a specific policy area such as pro-gun, anti-abortion, pro-environment and anti-war etc. When an individual joins an interest group, he or she can be aware of what is happening within the nation. These also help the interest group to fame issues that are usually in a way that best benefits their cause. Furthermore, according to Lumen American Government (N.D), in their article, the summarize, saying that ‘interest groups afford people the opportunity to become more civically engaged”. This concept of people participating in different groups actively has made it possible for the groups to demand what they want from government and it’s increasing rapidly in America democracy. In conclusion, Interest groups offer individuals an important path for encouraging political participation which helps to strengthen America democracy by helping the engagement of the people to join a certain group to gain a certain benefit and also joining these groups enlighten that individual on how government policy is passed into law or knowledge a comprehend awareness of the country well-being too. The participation of the citizen in interest group helps to strengthen the America democracy which gives understanding to these people and also the feel they are connected with their government politically.
Interest groups with large group of supporters’ population has the most influential in the America democracy political system, as early discussions about how the pressure groups strengthen democracy in the USA by making democracy better and encouraging political participation but the counter-argument will explain how this pressure groups also weaken the democracy in the USA by controlling the government indirectly. Perhaps it’s time to question the influence of pressure groups in American politics and how they use their influence to weaken democracy. According to Axel (2018), he explains saying “as a result, it has become clear that some pressure groups in the US have become too powerful, dominating the political scene in ways frequently overlooked by the general public, undermining the democracy upon which the country prides itself”. The situation has shown that USA democracy is weakened by the pressure groups because they are powerful and dominating the political system in America. In continuation, according to Erik (2015), he is an assistant professor in history at the University of Rhode Island, he describes the damage on presidential leadership that the activism of the citizens engaging with the pressure groups has weakened the democracy, in the case of the Barack Obama election in 2008. This was an unexpected election that Obama would win to become the first African American president elected into the nation’s highest office. His victory was because people believed in his hope and change agenda. The citizens expected Obama to have a progressive change to transform the US political system but what was the end result, “a president doesn’t lead social movements and conservatives could undermine the president’s agenda by protests and expressions of anger in a variety of media”. It shows that the president of the United States has limited power over pressure groups. In addition, according to Axel (2018), he stated that “Politicians often seek to please the pressure groups rather than pursuing their own genuine interests”. These explain that pressure groups use their influence to maintain authority within the executive branch by connecting a strong tie with the relevant executive department that connects the federal government’s regulatory work. Also, this has weakened democracy in the USA showing that the federal government such as Congress, do their best to maintain a good relationship with the powerful pressure groups in order to share common interest politically using each other’s too accomplish their goals.
Final conclusion, the argument of pressure groups strengthen democracy in the USA by making democracy better and encourage political participation and at the same time the counter-argument is that pressure groups also weaken the democracy in the USA by controlling the government indirectly has shown that both ideologies of pressure groups presence in USA democracy play positive and negative situation. They are essentially needed to make sure there are a connection and participation of the ordinary citizens in the country democracy engagement. This way, the government feel their citizens have a full involvement to the democracy and understanding the public policy that’s beneficial for them as Americans. But nowadays, these pressure groups influence is too powerful that the indirectly control the government and fulfill their cause. They also work with some government official to make the decision difficult especially when it’s not favorable for the political parties the pressure groups are supporting. Therefore, pressure groups play an important role in USA democracy but it weakens the America government because no formed of groups or organization should be more powerful than their government. They should not be allowed to dominate the political system even thou some part of the government parties use them for their own selfish agenda.


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